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Tag: #SCTeaParty2018

Lt. Col. Buzz Patterson: The Inside Story of the Clinton White House #SCTeaParty2018

Lt. Col. Buzz Patterson offers his inside look into his years in the Clinton White House (and what possibly could have happened had there been a 2nd Clinton in the WH).  From the South Carolina...

Clare Lopez: The Assault From the Red/Green Axis #SCTeaParty2018

Our friend Clare Lopez of the Center for Security Policy explains the dire threat coming from the ‘Red/Green Axis” which includes the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood, the Black Lives Matter...

Admiral Ace Lyons #SCTeaParty2018: “Why Didn’t Obama Holdovers Get a Pink Slip in Trump Admin?”

Admiral Lyons explains why President Trump is such a strong president but also why he needs to eliminate all of the Obama holdovers in his administration asap. From the South Carolina Tea Party...

Gregg Cummings: The Importance of Border Security #SCTeaParty2018

Gregg C. Cummings discusses the most important thing all Americans should be concerned about: Border Security. From the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention.

Josh Bernstein: The Importance of Healthcare Choice #SCTeaParty2018

Radio host Josh Bernstein discusses the importance of healthcare choice at the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention.

Kevin Jackson Breaks Down the Snowflakes and Leftists of America #SCTeaParty2018

Kevin Jackson, author of “The Black Sphere”, holds nothing back when talking about the people who are tearing apart America.

Trevor Loudon: The Democrat Party is Now a Communist Party #SCTeaParty2018

Trevor Loudon discusses ways President Trump is saving America and why the Tea Party movement is the most important movement in our lifetime.

Corey Lewendosky: Let Trump Be Trump! #SCTeaParty2018

As always, Corey Lewendosky does NOT hold back explaining why the best thing for America is to let Donald Trump be Trump!

Daniel Greenfield: The Second Civil War #SCTeaParty2018

Daniel Greenfield at the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention explains why we are no in the Second Civil War.
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