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Tag: @RealDonaldTrump

Why Were Large Parts of Lynch/Clinton Tarmac Meeting Redacted by DOJ?

From Judicial Watch: (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced that the Justice Department refuses to disclose the talking points developed by the Obama Justice Department to help it respond to...

Conservatives Ask GOP: Are You TRYING to Ensure Pres. Trump Fails?

Conservatives all over social media are concerned that perhaps people like Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan, and the usual pack of Democrat-leaning Republicans simply don’t want...

The Media and Glass Houses

Despite living in the internet age when more information is available than any other time in history, the American public is probably the least informed it has ever been. This isn’t the...

It Is Time For All Republicans (Including Those With Bruised Egos) to Support the President

Why isn’t the Republican Party standing behind this President in a unified manner? I have been totally impressed by the things that President Trump has accomplished. With very few exceptions, the...

Cruz vs. Trump: It’s Okay to Like BOTH!

Original New Yorker Jin Ah Jin says it's OKAY to like both Cruz and Trump and offers several great reasons why.

New Ad Features Trump Heaping Tons o’ Praise on Cruz

A long time ago, way back in 2014, Donald Trump thought Ted Cruz hung the moon...

Trump Supporters Loathed—and Why We Don’t Care

Yes, Donald Trump supporters are lambasted on both the left and right, but Pamela Anne says, 'We don't care!"

Glenn Beck Calls Donald Trump a Demagogue – But Is He?

Glenn Beck recently called Donald Trump a demagogue. Dr. Sarah Condor explains what a demagogue is, and why Beck's words may cause more damage than good.

Kasich Launches Twitter War Against Trump

Presidential candidate Donald Trump visited Ohio on Monday, but not without Governor John Kasich attacking him on .

Trump Asks: Is Our President Insane?

As the conversation continues whether the United States should continue to accept Syrian refugees, Donald Trump released a video questioning Obama's sanity.

The Continuing Mystique of Donald Trump

Like him or not, Donald Trump is much smarter than the average bear and he refuses to play politics as usual.

NYT Tabloid-like Hit Piece on Melania Trump Riddled with Errors and Innuendos

Recently the Fashion and Style section of the NYT ran a hit piece about Melania Trump. The society editor had to issue six retractions. SIX.

(PolitiChicks EXCLUSIVE) Huckabee Defends Trump: “I think people are being unfair…”

After the September CNN GOP debates, candidate Mike Huckabee tells PolitiChicks that he would put all the candidates–including Donald Trump–in his cabinet. He added th...

CNN Debate (aka WWE Event): 44% About Trump, 0% About VA, Obamacare…

CNN hoped the second Republican primary debate would be like a 3-hour WWE wrestling match and it showed in their commercials leading up to the Wednesday night show. The motive was obvious...

LIVE FEED From #StopIranDeal Rally in D.C.

Live feed from the #StopIranDeal in Washington DC.

Cruz and Trump Headline DC Rally Against Iran Deal

Cruz and Trump were the clear favorites at the #StopIranDeal rally in DC on Thursday.

Donald Trump Signs GOP Pledges – Rules out Running Third Party

At a Thursday press conference, Donald Trump signs GOP pledge not to run as a 3rd Party candidate.

CO GOP Chair On Donald Trump: “Looking Forward To Fiorina Making Trump Look Bad”

Colorado GOP chair Steve House is apparently not a fan of Donald Trump.