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Tag: #MonaLog

#MonaLog: AIPAC 2016 Edition

Headlines: John Kasich touts “experience”; A new Donald Trump “believe me”; Ted Cruz: “Am Yisrael Chai“ All three presidential GOP hopefuls spoke at the...

#MonaLog: Super Tuesday 2 Recap

Headlines: Ted Cruz wins Idaho as Donald Trump takes the Hawaii Caucus; Bernie Sanders stunning victory in Michigan; Bad night for Marco Rubio Super Tuesday 2 Results: Estimate egates Allocated...

#MonaLog: #CPAC2016 Recap

Headlines: Ted Cruz wins CPAC straw poll. Donald Trump cancels his CPAC appearance. Ben Carson officially suspends his presidential bid. Cruz wins CPAC straw poll Senator Ted Cruz won the CPAC...

#MonaLog: #SuperTuesday Edition

Headlines: Super TRUMP Day; Ted Cruz wins 3 states; Marco Rubio finally wins a state; Ben Carson: “Not Ready to Quit” and John Kasich gets ready for “March Madness” Super...

#MonaLog: Nevada Caucus Edition and Beyond

PolitiChicks national election correspondent Mona Salama gives a breakdown of the Nevada Caucus and what's happening ahead.

#MonaLog: South Carolina Primary Edition

Headlines: Donald Trump Wins South Carolina Leaving Rubio & Cruz Battling for Second; Jeb Bush ends his campaign while Ben Carson is Staying Countdown: Two Days until the Republican Nevada...

#MonaLog: New Hampshire Primary Edition

Headlines: Donald Trump won huge by double-digit margins; John Kasich surprise second place finish; Ted Cruz beats Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio for third place victory. Countdown Clock: 5 GOP...

#MonaLog: Iowa Caucus Edition

Headlines: Ted Cruz wins Iowa; Virtual tie for Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton with victory unclear; Mike Huckabee and Martin O’Malley both suspended their campaigns Countdown Clock — Nine...

#MonaLog: Trump to skip FOX News debate while Paul returns & endorsement boost for Cruz and Rubio

Welcome to the #MonaLog – a PolitiChicks Insider into the 2016 race and I am live from Des Moines, Iowa Donald Trump will skip FOX News debate; Rand Paul returns to the main stage; Tony...

#MonaLog: Conservatives Unite Against Trump & Huckabee Challenges Cruz’s Tithing

In today's #MonaLog, a group of conservatives unite against Trump, GOP debate criteria is announced and Huckabee challenges Cruz's tithing.

#MonaLog: GOP Debate and New Jeb Ad Attacking Trump

In today's #MonaLog, candidates are prepping for tomorrow's GOP debate, Jeb has a new ad attacking Donald Trump and more.

#MonaLog: Trump vs. Cruz on Birtherism & Paul Attacks Trump

In today's #MonaLog, Trump continues discussing Cruz's citizenship while Paul attacks Trump. Meanwhile, Hillary once again gets a free pass...

#MonaLog: Rand Paul’s Fiery New Year’s Resolutions & the #CarlyCurse

In this edition of #MonaLog, the GOP hopefuls give their New Year's Resolutions including a very fiery one from Sen. Rand Paul.

#MonaLog: Pataki Ends Presidential Bid, Santorum Goes After Cruz

Our PolitiChick insider Mona Salama shares this week's latest stories, including Pataki ending his presidential bid & Santorum dissing Sen. Ted Cruz.

#MonaLog: Washington Post Publishes Cartoon Depicting Ted Cruz’s Daughters as Monkeys.

Imagine what would happen if this had been a Democrat's daughters instead of Ted Cruz...

#MonaLog: Goodbye Lindsey Graham, Happy Birthday Sen. Ted Cruz

#MonaLog says Goodbye Lindsey, Happy Birthday, Sen. Cruz

#MonaLog: Insider Reporting of the 2016 Presidential Race

Welcome to the first #MonaLog - a PolitiChick Insider's glimpse into the 2016 Presidential race.