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Tag: #CruzCrew

Full Speech of Ted Cruz Ending His Presidential Bid

After losing a crucial do-or-die primary in Indiana, Texas Senator Ted Cruz announced he is dropping out of the 2016 race. Here is the transcript of Cruz remarks “God bless the Hoosier...
Posted On May 4, 2016

For Cruz, A Grassroots Strategy Is Paying Off

It is apparent that Ted Cruz's campaign strategy starts by engaging the grassroots.

Ad Campaign for Pace Picante Hot Sauce in 1990s Focused on “New York City” Values

Ted Cruz was far from being the first to bring up New York City values. Remember Pace Picante Sauce?

Ted Cruz and Trump Spokeswoman Denounce Tabloid Trash Attacks

Ted Cruz and two of the women named have denounced and denied the National Enquirer smear story.

GOP Establishment Demands Cruz “Apologize to McConnell” If They Back Him

Political blackmail? Establishment GOP-types are calling for Sen. Cruz to apologize to Mitch McConnell for calling him a 'liar' after McConnell lied.

So Ted Cruz is Dangerous? How Shaking Cruz’s Hand Caused a Fervor

Brian Bledsoe shares how a photo with Ted Cruz caused a major Leftist to set Brian's notifications app on fire.

Ted Cruz Wins Wyoming

Senator Ted Cruz takes a strong early lead in the 3-part Wyoming primary.

Senator Mike Lee Endorses Ted Cruz

Utah Senator Mike Lee announced on Thursday to reporters that he is endorsing Ted Cruz for President, becoming the first sitting U.S. senator to back his fellow colleague. “We have reached...

Carly Fiorina Endorses Ted Cruz

Former Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina endorsed her one-time rival, Senator Ted Cruz in a campaign event held in Miami, Florida. “I checked the box for Ted Cruz,”...

Super Saturday: 64 Delegates for Cruz, 49 Delegates for Trump

It was a split match between candidates on Saturday with the most delegates going to Sen. Cruz.

Ted Cruz Wins Maine GOP Caucus

The Republican Party Chair in Maine has announced Sen. Ted Cruz the winner of the Maine caucus.

BREAKING: Ted Cruz Wins Kansas Caucus, CPAC Straw Poll and Ahead in Maine

Ted Cruz has won both the Kansas caucus and the CPAC straw poll.

New Video “It Feels Good To Be a Clinton” Will Make Hillary MAD.

Hillary destroying her server with a baseball bat = the perfect video. #ThugLife

Rick Perry Endorses Ted Cruz for President

  With the Iowa caucus just a week away, former Texas Governor and two time presidential candidate Rick Perry has endorsed Ted Cruz for president. In an interview with Politico Sunday night,...

Why is the GOP So Afraid of Ted Cruz?

Professor Donald Joyner asks: Why is the GOP so afraid of Ted Cruz?

New Ad Features Trump Heaping Tons o’ Praise on Cruz

A long time ago, way back in 2014, Donald Trump thought Ted Cruz hung the moon...

Ted Cruz to South Carolina Tea Party: “Time for Choosing”

Ted Cruz energized the South Carolina Tea Party crowd with a speech that focused on conservative issues.