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Tag: #BuildTheWall

Mollie Tibbett’s Life Matters

On this new Anni Cyrus Moment, Anni discusses Mollie Tibbetts’ Life Matters, shedding disturbing light on how Democrats are, once again, unveiling their treachery and hate.

Sanctuary Cities: Caution

Oh, how I want to write about John Kerry working on behalf of some shadow government in his treasonous actions in talking with Iran, but I promised this week I would write about Sanctuary Cities...

Daniel Greenfield: The Military Can Secure the Border and Build the Wall

Our soldiers have been deployed to defend many countries. Now it’s time for them to defend our own.

Daniel Greenfield: The Kidnappings Americans Won’t Do

We all know that there are jobs that Americans won’t do. That’s what the politicians who don’t want Americans doing them tell us. If an industry is dominated by immigrants or illegal aliens, they...