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Tag: abortion

The Decisive Fifth Vote – Justice Kavanaugh

One of the most important duties delegated by the Constitution to the President of the United States is the nomination of Supreme Court Justices. These people, when confirmed by the Senate,...

Justice Kennedy Resigns – Democrats Go Berserk

This week Justice Kennedy announced his retirement from the Supreme Court. I imagine that until this moment he had no idea just how an important and vital human being he was. Apparently he was...

Gosnell Film to Receive National Theatrical Release

All of us at PolitiChicks are thrilled that the movie about our country’s biggest serial killer, Dr. Kermit Gosnell, finally has a theatrical release date!  After almost 4 years of waiting,...

An Abortion Dilemma for the Left

A DC area doctor will serve three years in prison for performing an abortion. How is this possible in the land of Choice and the home of “It’s not a baby! It’s just a clump of cells”? Over 3,000...

The Devil Is In the Details

Freedom of speech is sacred to Americans. We have fought and died for this God-given right over the course of centuries. Just as important as being able to speak freely is our right to freedom of...

Barak Lurie: Godlessness = Abortion, Eugenics and China’s One-Child Policy

Barak Lurie, the author of of the new book, Atheism Kills: The Dangers of a World Without God – And Cause for Hope, discusses Godlessness = Abortion, Eugenics and China’s One-Child Policy,...

Texas Permanently Bans Taxpayer Funding of Abortion

In a week of bad news, here’s something epic. From LifeSiteNews: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill to restrict state funding for abortion insurance. The new law will keep Texans from...

Justifying Behavior: Is American Thinking as Barbaric as Ancient Times?

The art of philosophical thinking sinks to great depths to satisfy people’s unsatiated desire to validate abortion. Constantly searching for a deeper meaning to man’s actions and twisting ideas...

The Left’s Politics of Death (and the Truth about FOX News)

For anyone following the onslaught of attacks on FOX News, the notion that the Left actually cares about the mistreatment of women should ring a loud alarm of doubt.  We rarely (if ever...

Melissa Ortiz at “Defund Planned Parenthood Rally”: The Voice in the Corner

The Voice in the Corner". PolitiChicks contributor Melissa Ortiz tells a surprising story of surviving against the odds, proving that best practices aren't always best.

Mia Love’s Powerful Speech at the March for Life

This young congresswoman is going places.

Republicans in Congress Prepare to Defund Planned Parenthood

Republicans in Congress plan to defund Planned Parenthood as part of their bill to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Emma and Isabella: The Unborn Babies “Right to Live”

We disagree a lot in politics, and that’s okay. For the most part, these are just issues. Maybe we have different opinions about whether public money should be spent constructing a...

France Takes Steps to Criminalize Pro-Life Advocacy

France has recently adopted two measures to try to stop people from telling the truth about abortion.

Ohio ‘Heartbeat’ Abortion Bill Passes to Ban All Abortions After Heartbeat Begins

An unborn child’s heart begins to beat at 22 days after conception or earlier.

Hollywood BLOCKS Distribution of “The Gosnell Movie”

It took grassroots efforts to get "The Gosnell Movie" (about serial killer Dr. Kermit Gosnell) made and it looks like it's going to be up to all of us to make sure it gets distributed, too.

Doctors Angry Over Call to Abort Babies with Downs Syndrome

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has suggested that unborn babies with Down’s syndrome should be aborted because it costs too much to care for them.

Why Pro-Lifers Need to Support Donald Trump

In terms of abortion, this election comes down to either a man who will fight for all life, born or preborn, or a woman who will fight for the right to end it, including partial birth.