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PolitiChicks is happy to partner every Tuesday with Rick Amato, host of Amato Talk.


Rick Amato is a national television talk show host, radio talk show host, columnist and political commentator.

He is best known for his grassroots, right-of-center political views. He is an advocate for capitalism, free markets, limited government and a strong America. Rick believes that the greatest political threat facing America today is not from the Left, but instead, from the disconnect which exists between those who were elected to office and those they elected to represent.

From 2013- 2015 he hosted the highly successful prime time national TV show, The Rick Amato Show on the upstart TV network One America News. He is an award-winning radio talk show host having hosted Inside the Story with Rick Amato on Washington Times radio and The Rick Amato Show on KCBQ radio in San Diego, CA from 2007-2013.

Rick Amato believes that politics follows pop culture- no the other way around- and conservatives in America need to do a better job of embracing pop culture instead of pushing away from it. He is a friend and acquaintance of many of Hollywood’s conservative minded actors, directors, producers and technicians. Many of which are in the closet because of their political views and the fear of loss of work.

He is a staunch supporter of America’s military veterans and has used his shows to raise money and awareness for wounded and incarcerated veterans.

From the Edge of America with Rick Amato, features current event political topics and top news maker guests with intelligent, entertaining conversation and opinion.


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