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Confrontational Politics

Author: H.L. Richardson

2009, Jameson Books, Inc.

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This 110-page gem is a real eye-opener for any Conservative who has been outmaneuvered and outshouted on key issues by the Left. The reason: Conservatives are just too “nice.” Being “right” is not enough any more. It’s far past time to understand:

n  the Left has its roots in humanism, which always results in political domination and oppression

n  the Left’s idea of “compromise” is “we win, you lose, and then you lose some more”

n  the Left organizes and plans confrontation and conflict in order to amass Leftist power

n  for easy-to-fix reasons, ideological minorities make policy, and majority rule does not . . .

. . . and much more. The good news is, author Bill Richardson mines his 20 years in the rough and tumble of California politics to share powerful principles that really work. Learn how to quit rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, and get in there and win votes. With his funny and common-sense advice, you’ll enjoy acting with professionalism and principle, but going on the offensive . . . and having a heck of lot more fun, because winning IS a heck of a lot more fun.

— by PolitiChick Susan Darst Williams

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