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Singer Krista Branch Talks About Conservatism

Singer Krista Branch talks about Conservatism and the unfortunate “uninformed” in America at the Miss Conservative U.S. pageant in Dallas. To find Krista’s music go to...

GOP: How to Win the Hispanic Vote

PolitiChick Ann-Marie interviews National Director of, Adryana Boyne about the importance of winning the GOP Hispanic vote. From the Miss Conservative U.S. Pageant in Dallas, Texas

Australian Nick Adams LOVES AMERICA!

PolitiChick Ann-Marie talks to author and international speaker Nick Adams, who recently judged the Miss Conservative U.S. pageant in Dallas

More California Insanity: Dream Act for Illegal Lawyers?

California PolitiChick Rowena Donnelly reports about a Latino Caucus press conference held in California in which they’re pushing a resolution to support an illegal alien’s right to...

PolitiChicks in Las Vegas, RightOnline 2012, According to Bill

From RightOnline Vegas, Bill Whittle and Courtenay Turner talk to PolitiChicks Morgan and Ann-Marie how culture and politics are intertwined (and not in a good way).

“Obama is wrong!” State Sen. Strickland on Defense Budget Cuts

PolitiChick Ann-Marie discusses National Security with State Senator Tony Strickland who says, “Obama is wrong” for cutting defense.

Bo Derek Still a Perfect 10

PolitiChick Ann-Marie interviews beautiful Woman of the Year Bo Derek at a fundraiser for Republican State Senator Tony Strickland.

PolitiChicks in Las Vegas: Hating Breitbart, RightOnline 2012 – Part 1

Hating Breitbart, film preview introduced by filmmaker Andrew Marcus. With Bill Whittle… and friends.  

WARNING! Language NSFW – PolitiChicks in Las Vegas, Breitbart is Here: RightOnline 2012-Part 2

WARNING: Some language not suitable for children or for work. Larry O’Connor remembers Andrew Breitbart lovingly. Andrew Marcus presents a preview of his upcoming film, Hating Breitbart.  

Lt. Colonel Allen West Ready For VP

PolitiChick Ann-Marie interviews Lt. Col. Allen West at a BBQ for Congressman Buck McKeon in Southern California. In addition to asking him about a potential VP run, she also asks his thoughts on...

Louie Gohmert at Road to Repeal Rally in DC

Ann-Marie Murrell interviews Louie Gohmert at the Road to Repeal Rally in Washington, DC.

Why Actor Christopher Mitchum is Running for Congress

I believe that our country is in every bit as much as fight for survival as we were in 1776,” Christopher says, “except we are now using ballots instead of bullets and working within our...

Andrew Breitbart ‘Legacy of a Culture Warrior’ by Musician Toots Sweet

RIP Andrew Breitbart… You were a true Culture Warrior…. Special thanks to Ann-Marie Murrell Politi Chicks –… and Lisa Mei Norton BigDawg music...

K Carl Smith is a “Frederick Douglass Republican” (CPAC 2012)

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