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Melania Trump’s Stunning White House Christmas Wonderland

It’s the Trump family’s first Christmas in the White House… and the decorations are absolutely spectacular! Melania Trump did a wonderful job decorating, bringing such elegance...

BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Calls on John Conyers to Resign from Congress

Nancy Pelosi called on John Conyers to resign from Congress as he faces a growing list sexual harassment accusations, just four days after calling him an “icon.”    

Steelers Coach Tomlin Takes Swipe at Hero Player Alejandro Villanueva for Breaking Team’s Orders

On Sunday, Steelers offensive tackle, Alejandro Villanueva, bucked Coach Tomlin’s orders to stay in the tunnel during the National Anthem. Villanueva came out onto the field, placed his...

President Trump Signs Executive Orders for “Extreme Vetting” of Refugees

Following the ceremonial swearing in of Secretary of Defense James Mattis on Friday, President Donald J. Trump signed executive orders for ‘extreme vetting’ of refugees and rebuilding...

Trump Administration Shows Strong Support for March for Life

It’s great news that the White House is showing strong support for March for Life as Vice-President Mike Pence is scheduled to speak at the event in Washington DC today. Top Trump adviser...

Even Uncle Joe Biden Gets a Participation Trophy

Obama awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Vice President Joe Biden and called him "the finest vice president we have ever seen."

EPIC: Ted Cruz Masterfully Describes Hypocrisy of Dem Party During Sessions’ Confirmation Hearing

Confirmation hearings were held on Tuesday for President-elect Donald Trump’s Attorney General-designate Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.). Early on, Sessions faced intense scrutiny from Democrats,...

Donald Trump’s Electoral College Victory Certified By U.S. Congress

Vice President Joe Biden shut down Democratic challenges to the congressional certification of the Electoral College vote, officially declaring Donald Trump the next president of the U.S. government.

A “Tolerant” Leftist Is Kicked Off JetBlue Flight for Harassing Ivanka Trump and Her Three Children

Ivanka Trump and her three children were harassed by a fellow passenger Thursday on a flight out of New York. An “out-of-control passenger” was “verbally berating” the 35-year-old daughter of...

Gun Sales Surge in California Ahead of Stricter Gun Laws Taking Effect in 2017

No surprise at all. California sees a spike in gun sales just as California plans to implement stricter gun laws.

BREAKING: Russian Ambassador to Turkey Assassinated in Ankara

Russia’s ambassador to Turkey was assassinated at an art exhibition in Ankara on Monday. The gunman shouted, “Do not forget Aleppo!” as he opened fire....

Putin Shaking in His Boots as Obama Threatens to Retaliate for Election Hacking

Oh man. Putin is shaking in his boots. Okay, probably not. However, in an interview with NPR on Thursday, President Obama said: “We need to take action and we will, at the time and place of...

BREAKING: College Professor Caught on Video Telling Students Trump’s Election Was an ‘Act of Terrorism’; Teachers Union Threatens Legal Action

California PolitiChicks contributor Michelle Mears reports: “A video of a college professor in Southern California ranting during class on the election of president-elect Donald Trump has...

Federal Judge Stops Election Recount on Wednesday Solidifying Trump’s Michigan Win

A federal judge who ordered Michigan to begin its recount effectively ended it on Wednesday, tying his decision to a state court ruling that found Green Party candidate Jill Stein had no legal...

Wildfires Rage in and Around Gatlinburg,Tennessee

Fires surround Gaitlinburg, TN and surrounding areas.

Tommy Hilfiger: Melania Trump Is Very Beautiful; Any Designer Should Be Proud to Dress Her

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the few fashion designers standing up to bullying and intolerance by other designers who are trying to "punish" Melania Trump.

“Distraught” College Removes American Flag from Campus

Just when you thought the Lefty academia couldn't get any more ridiculous in their childish post-election responses, they've outdone themselves yet again.

Dionne Alexander to Liberals: You’re the Reason Donald Trump Won the Election

Dionne Alexander has a message for Liberals that are protesting Trump's victory.