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Category: Religion

After-Christmas Scrooge: “God Bless Us, Everyone”

You know, just recently, I saw a man driving a white pick-up truck in my neighborhood and on top of the car was a gigantic unexpected pink pig, all dressed up in a Santa suit with sparkling...

The Christmas Story: A Time of No Fear

Why can't we let go of our fears? If this time of year is a celebration of the birth of peace and freedom for mankind, what limits our ability to walk away from our fears and move forward?

A Modern “Takeaway” from the Christmas Storm of 1776

There’s so much hope and inspiration our Modern-day Patriot can take from the Christmas Storm of 1776.

Secret Christian Code: The Twelve Days of Christmas & the Meaning Behind Politically Correct code of Catholic Faith

Back in 16th century, Catholics were persecuted to the point of death just for practicing their religion.  (Sound familiar?) The traditional carol “The Twelve Days of Christmas”...

The Christmas of 1969: A Story of Fear, Santa, and Dolls With Sunglasses

It was Christmas Eve, 1969. Ann-Marie and her sister, Lisa, were still awake and filled with terror. Would Santa pass them by?

The Gospel According to Star Trek

From the first letter of Paul to the Corinthians, written from Ephesus, c57 A.D. “For though I am free from all men, I have made myself a slave to all, that I might win the more. To the Jews I...

Violinist Lindsey Stirling Offers Beautiful Christmas Gift In Train Station

Violinist Lindsey Sterling played 'Hallelujah' in a train station to very little notice, but the gift she was giving was priceless.

Can There Be “Peace on Earth”?

One of my favorite Christmas carols—and possibly one of the most patriotic Christmas songs of all time–is “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day”.  Originally written as the poem...

“Into the Light”: Fanny Crosby, The Hymn Queen

The title “Hymn Queen” was given the writer of over 8,000 famous hymns in the 1800s. Francis Jane Crosby, soon to be known as Fanny Crosby, is a name that may not be familiar to most Christians...

Daniel Greenfield: The Light of Chanukah

A candle is a brief flare of light. A wick dipped in oil burns and then goes out again. The light of Chanukah appears to follow the same narrative. Briefly there is light and warmth and then...

Bond Villain/Hero Who Put God, Family, Country First

We wait expectantly in a theater for a steady beat of music and then white dots appear as a lone figure crosses the screen, turns in a crouch and fires a gun. Wait, this person is bigger than...

The Incredible Story of Rahab’s Salvation

One of the arguments opponents of the Bible and Christianity like to make is that the God of the Old Testament was an angry/wrathful God. That’s an easy (and unfounded) accusation to make...

Jane Russell, a Warrior for Her Faith in Old Hollywood

“I love the Lord” is a beautiful statement that sums up Jane Russell’s philosophy. While she is best known for musicals, Westerns, and adventure films, too little has been said about her...

The Kindness of Christmas in East Texas

Sometimes God gives us little Christmas miracles we didn't even know we needed.

East Texas Children Tell the Nativity Story (Reenacted by Grownups). You’re Welcome.

THIS. IS. EPIC. Best Christmas movie you'll see all year, featuring Star Wars and Chickens. #TrueStory

My Father’s Ring and the Little Miracles of November 22

Since the death of her father on November 22, Ann-Marie Murrell shares the miracles that have occurred on that date beginning with her father's ring.

My Personal Story of Praise and Thanksgiving to our Great Lord and Savior

It was May 11, 2017, 8:30 am, UVA Medical Center. As I laid down on the operating table, the thought that was on my mind was the scripture from Revelation 4:8- Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God...

Book Review: The Making Of A Hero, Desmond Doss (of ‘Hacksaw Ridge’)

For over a decade this writer has supported a film about the extraordinary heroism of Desmond Doss and the efforts of Gregory Crosby to have a film made. This was successfully done with Hacksaw...