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Maintaining Perspective Beyond the Resort Vacation Glitz and Glamour

Recently, my husband and I took a mini-vacation – a rare one without our children– to hot, sunny, and beautiful Cancun, Mexico. It was a much-needed respite to refresh our spirits and recharge...

Babette Holder: “Mom, is this the new Civil War?”

Mini-me Daughter #2: Mom is this the new civil war? Me: What? MM2: The race war, a new civil war today? Me: I guess you could say a civil unrest stage. MM2: I’m scared Me: Why? MM2: Well...

The (Surprising) Main Source of America’s Successful Ideas

About a month ago Sonya Sasser decided that she was going to teach her children America's Spiritual Heritage this summer.

Veteran Mentions God in Speech, Gets Kicked Off Base

From Conservative Review: Video obtained from First Liberty Institute purportedly shows a decorated Air Force veteran assaulted and dragged away from a retirement ceremony allegedly because a...

Portland Public Schools Ban Books That Deny Climate Change

If a parent wants a book banned, they are anti-1st Amendment. But if a school board bans a book, crickets...

Thoughts From a Reluctant (and Very Tired) Political Activist

Hello friends and PolitiChicks readers! Let me start off by saying I had an extremely rough year last year. I won’t go into detail but there are times when the world gets into your psyche and no...

What Do You See As The Most Important Fronts In The Culture War?

The culture war is being fought primarily in our schools, beginning in pre-K and all the way through to our universities.

Common Core Math: 2+ 2 Might, Maybe, Kinda, Sorta, = 5?

Word is that students are able to claim 2 + 2 = 5 & get credit for “creative thinking” so long as they explain their process to arrive at that answer.

Case Workers Charged With Felony Abuse in Beating Death of 8-Year Old Gabriel Fernandez

Since 2013 PolitiChicks has reported about the murder of 8-year old Gabriel Fernandez. 3 years later, 4 case workers were charged.

A Reminder to Call Your Parents and Grandparents. NOW.

A friendly PolitiChicks offering, reminding you to call your parents and/or grandparents right away.

Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Socialists

Kids are mesmerized by socialists like Bernie Sanders waving around all that "free stuff" so Moms, it's time to teach them what "free" really means.

Peyton Manning Born With Cleft Lip; Many Cleft Babies Are Aborted

Peyton Manning was born with a cleft lip; sadly too many babies are aborted for this very correctible birth defect.

Vicious Video by OccupyDemocrats Attacks Cruz as Parent.

Leftists must be terrified of Sen. Ted Cruz when they go after his children and parenting skills...

“Irreplaceable”: Encouragement for Parents of Children with Unique Challenges

Your children are strong-hearted and talented and yes, they are smart. And don’t ever forget—just like you—they are irreplaceable too.

10 Ways To Teach a Child or Teen Accountability and Responsibility

Teaching children responsibility and accountability is a lost art. Here are 10 ways to help.

Special Needs Parents – Beware Arne Duncan and September 21st

Arne Duncan and Common Core are at it again. Macey France offers a heads-up for parents with special needs children.

Guest Writer Zack Zanardi: My Autism (Or How I Learned To Be Me)

Zack Zanardi writes about his autism and how he chose not to let it define him.

THIS Is Common Core-Approved for Children?

Update on Macey France's article about The Bluest Eye, a book filled w/porn & pedophilia & is on the Common Core list of exemplar texts for 11th graders.