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Our President Is a Real Fox

There are so many “commentators” and “personalities” that there is hardly room for anyone else to join the fray. Yet, here I am adding my two cents to the mix of bloggers and self-proclaimed...

Barry Shaw: The “Impeach Trump” Derangement Could Lead to Something Much Worse

Nancy Pelosi, December 1998: “The Republicans in the House are paralyzed with hatred of President Clinton and until Republicans will free themselves of this hatred our country will suffer.” Nancy...

Ten Years Later: What the Tea Party Got Wrong

On their 10th Anniversary, Tom Stark suggests where the Tea Party went right--and wrong.

The Importance of Taking the Political Long View

You have to hand it to the left.  We may not agree with liberal policies that put government over people, but you do have to admit they’re masters of perseverance. If you’re like me, you’re...

Antoine Tucker: “President Trump Is a True Genius”

This new Glazov Gang edition features Antoine Tucker, an anti-globalist activist who is running for Congress in NY14 against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Visit his site at and on...

Barry Shaw: My Palestine Itinerary for Tlaib and Omar

Ilhan Omar tweeted, “Yesterday at Social Justice Day a student asked me, ‘How do I stay hopeful that change is going to come?’ This is tough to unpack,” she responded before going on to give a...

Assisted Suicide, Life and Death in 21st Century America

Assisted suicide is controversial. States, rather than the federal government, control the right to enact assisted-suicide legislation. In the several states that have assisted-suicide laws,...

Richard Dreyfuss Doesn’t Like to be Called a Hypocrite–But He Is

Actor Richard Dreyfuss told the Hollywood Reporter that he’s become less Jewish, though he admits to feeling good as a “cultural Jew.” If that makes him happy in the Hollywood bubble good luck to...
Posted On July 6, 2019

Open Letter to the NRA & Wayne LaPierre: Time to Clean House!

NRA Patriot Benefactor & Life Member Dale Parker agrees with LTC Allen West: It is time to clean house of abuse and restructure the NRA!

Is AOC Actually a Supporter of the 2nd Amendment?

Sometimes it’s hard for me to really understand where I stand on certain issues. I consider myself a staunch conservative and believe that we should have the freedom to pursue our lives without...

Dr. Carolyn A. Roth: Americans Got Idols

Unlike ancient mankind most Americans don’t bow down or pray to an image, a carved pole,  ancestors, rulers, or heroes. Twenty-first century westernized society believes it has evolved beyond the...

Congressional Money Trees

If ever anyone needed to do house cleaning it is the United States Congress.  This body of government is so farfetched from reality, their intent would be unrecognizable to our Founding Fathers. ...

The Problem of Radicalized Muslims in American Politics

Andy Imtiaz is a Pakistani-American and a proud Muslim. Imtiaz is running for a seat in Florida’s state legislature. His party is Democrat and his politics are far left.  His feed is dominated...

Barry Shaw: In Iceland Hate Prevails from Nazi SS to Eurovision BDS Nasties

The nasty appearance of the Icelandic group, Hatari, singing “Hate will prevail” in the Eurovision 2019 Song Contest in Tel Aviv is nothing new for Iceland. The group’s ingratitude to Israel,...
Posted On June 1, 2019

The Family vs Socialism: Prosperity or Zombie Apocalypse?

After the Reagan and Thatcher revolutions, the collapse of the Soviet Union and liberalization of the Chinese economy, many observers judged that socialism was dead. But like zombies that just...
Posted On May 11, 2019

Barry Shaw: Jew-Hatred in Ireland Disguised as Sympathy for Palestinians

There’s an old joke about a Jew who goes to live in Ireland. When he tells someone he is Jewish, the man asks him, “Aye, but are you a Catholic Jew or a Protestant Jew.” Tuvia Tenenbom is a...

Giving Jews “The Wrong Meds”

In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie discusses Giving Jews “The Wrong Meds”, unveiling When torturing Zionist patients is “my pleasure”.

Barry Shaw: Christians and Jews Lost in a Palestinian Wilderness

I believe that one’s underlying beliefs, who you really are when you discard adopted “progressive” ideas, defines who you really are. They define your character, for good or bad. Adopt someone...