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Sharia and the United States: Why the Two Will Never Be Compatible

Newt Gingrich set off the leftist alarm bells Thursday when he suggested all believers in “Sharia Law” should be deported from the United States. An article in reliably left-leaning The Atlantic...

Daniel Greenfield: These Murders Were Brought to You By the Two State Solution

”May Allah send the message I am longing for,” Ashraf Walid Suleiman wrote on his page. Then he went on to murder two Israelis, tying the hands of Kim Levengrond Yehezkel, a receptionist...

The Murder of Former Miss Baghdad

In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie focuses on The Murder of Former Miss Baghdad, unveiling the real reason Sharia detests women. 

Daniel Greenfield: Good Intentions, a Little Girl’s Murder and the Refugee Road to Hell

St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church is, in its own words, an “affirming church” with “diverse” members and a “progressive” faith. The Vancouver church is...

When Islam Became a Race

In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie focuses on When Islam Became a Race, unveiling the Unholy Alliance’s crude propaganda and bullying game.

Daniel Greenfield: The Real Handmaid’s Tale

The official outfit of the #Resistance used to be a black mask or private parts hats. Lately it’s been the pseudo-Amish outfit of an oversized bonnet and long red dress from The Handmaid’s Tale....

Why Jihad Targets Children and the Innocent

n this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie focuses on Why Jihad Targets Children and the Innocent, and he asks: Why did a car plow into a crowd of 100 children and teachers in Sweden?

Why A Detailed Biographical Movie About Obama Could Never Be Made

In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie focuses on The Obama Movie That Can Never Be, unveiling the creepy taboo issues about the worst ex-president’s religious journey.

Daniel Greenfield: Muslim Refugees Perpetuate a New Kristallnacht

In the winter of last year, a dozen Muslims tried firebombing the 163-year-old Gothenburg Synagogue. The attackers threw firebombs at the house of worship forcing dozens of Jewish teens to take...

Prager University: What is Hezbollah?

Since the overthrow of the Shah of Iran in 1979, the so-called “Islamic Revolution” has worked diligently to expand its tentacles beyond the boundaries of Iran through a proxy group known as...

The Jihadist Psychopath’s Plantation

In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie focuses on The Jihadist Psychopath’s Plantation, unveiling how the Jihadist Psychopath keeps us enslaved in his prison – and how we can escape.

Ex-Intelligence Agents Expose Brennan’s Islamic Conversion

This new Glazov Gang features John Guandolo, an ex-FBI agent and president of Understanding the Threat, and Brad Johnson, a former CIA Station Chief and president of Americans for Intelligence...

Daniel Greenfield: Is Germany Colluding With Islamic Terrorists?

Two million people arrived in Germany in 2015 and 1.8 million people next year in 2016. Jawed came to Germany in 2015, while Abdul had arrived the year after in 2016. Both Jawed and Abdul were...

Daniel Greenfield: Muslim Migration and Rape Statistics in Europe

The more open a European country is to Muslim mass migration, the more dangerous it is to women.

Jamie Glazov Why Facebook Banned Me For My 9/11 Post About Jihadists

In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie discusses Why Banned Me For Opposing 9/11, revealing how it’s now against ’s “community standards” to try to stop Jihadist attacks. . [Update: Under...

John Bolton Praises Jamie Glazov’s Book ‘Jihadist Psychopath’

In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie discusses John Bolton Praises My New Book, “Jihadist Psychopath,” sharing how President Trump’s National Security Adviser has given his work a glowing...

Daniel Greenfield: Acid Attacks, Witchcraft and Britain’s Diversity

2017 was a banner year for acid attacks in Britain. 465 of them occurred in London. Most of the acid attacks are taking place in East London. The borough of Newham tops the acid attacks chart...

Anni Cyrus: Mullahs’ Assassins Arrested in America (Media Silent)

Anni focuses on Mullahs’ Assassins Arrested in America and she stresses: They are here to kill us. And then she asks: Where is the media coverage?