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Category: Islam

Anni Cyrus: The Solution to Stop Islam

Anni Cyrus recently delivered a speech in Chicago at the Illinois Family Institute’s “The Danger of Islam” seminar.  Anni reveals The Solution to Stop Islam, unveiling a powerful and humanistic...

Battle for the Soul of Western Civilization

Roy Barzilai, author of The Testosterone Hypothesis, reflects on the current war between light and darkness.

Sandra Solomon: From Israel-Hater to Israel Lover

Sandra Solomon is an ex-Muslim who grew up in Saudi Arabia who is now valiantly fighting against the Islamization of the West — and of her new home country of Canada in particular. Sandra tells...

Promoting Sharia–With Your Grocery Purchases!

Kirralie Smith, president of, discusses how Islamic Supremacism is being funded with your shopping.

President Trump is Proving He Is a Friend to Israel

Anyone who thinks or compares President Trump to either a Nazi or a white supremacist is seriously misinformed. Within a very short amount of time, the President of the United States has shown to...

Former FBI Agent: Facts That Point to Jihad in Vegas

John Guandolo, a former FBI agent, combat veteran Marine, and now the president of Understanding the Threat, discusses why ISIS’ claim of responsibility is deadly serious.

Smart Move: Muslim Refugees Settling in Mexico Instead of U.S.

From The Week: Ali came to the Americas by way of Ecuador in late 2016. He’d just finished a university degree in Malaysia, where he’d earned a scholarship to study construction...

Ex-Muslim Issues Dire Warning to America

Featured is a stirring speech that Anni Cyrus recently delivered in Neosho, Missouri.  Anni issued a dire warning to America, shining a disturbing light on the taboo truth about Islam.

Hamas (CAIR) Gets Schooled by Former FBI Agent John Guandolo

John Guandolo is a former FBI agent, combat veteran Marine, and now the president of Understanding the Threat.  The video shows how Brotherhood stooges got called out by American hero Guandolo.

Dropping Testosterone and Rising Islam in the West

Roy Barzilai, author of The Testosterone Hypothesis, discusses Dropping Testosterone and Rising Islam in the West, unveiling why our civilization is being crippled in the face of Sharia and Jihad.

The Importance of Free Speech: Motion 103 and Islamophobia

Deborah Weiss is a Human Rights lawyer who is an expert on the subject of free speech and terrorism related issues. She is the author of The Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s Jihad on Free...

Haley Wants to End Obama’s Iran Deal; WHY Is Tillerson Trying To Save It?

From Newsmax: Rex Tillerson and Nikki Haley are squaring off over the Iranian nuclear deal, with the secretary of state pushing President Donald Trump to remain in the accord while the U.N....

Daniel Greenfield: Susan Rice’s Muslim Brotherhood Watergate

Daniel Greenfield unveils Susan Rice’s Muslim Brotherhood Watergate, exposing the frightening truth behind why Obama really spied on Trump.

Daniel Greenfield: Did Obama Spy on Americans to Protect Islamists?

This makes Watergate look like an episode of The Flintstones. Where's the outrage, Democrats?

Anni Cyrus: The Dire Danger of M103

Anni Cyrus recently delivered a speech in Toronto, Canada unveiling the dire danger of M103, casting a terrifying light on how treacherous forces are willfully bringing Sharia and Jihad to your...

On Violence In America

Like many of us, common Americans, I too have been watching the rising violence of ever more ubiquitous protests with a mixture of disgust and trepidation. We on the right side of the political...

Huma, Mohammed and Weiner: Why It All Made Sense

Daniel Greenfield and Dr. Jamie Glazov discuss Huma, Mohammed and Weiner reflecting on: Was it all just perfectly normal for Abedin until western eyes set in?

Daniel Greenfield: Memorials of Grief

It was around the time of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, that memorials stopped being remembrances of virtue, and became therapy sessions. The old statues of determined men gave way to empty...