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Daniel Greenfield: Susan Rice’s Muslim Brotherhood Watergate

Daniel Greenfield unveils Susan Rice’s Muslim Brotherhood Watergate, exposing the frightening truth behind why Obama really spied on Trump.

Daniel Greenfield: Did Obama Spy on Americans to Protect Islamists?

This makes Watergate look like an episode of The Flintstones. Where's the outrage, Democrats?

Anni Cyrus: The Dire Danger of M103

Anni Cyrus recently delivered a speech in Toronto, Canada unveiling the dire danger of M103, casting a terrifying light on how treacherous forces are willfully bringing Sharia and Jihad to your...

On Violence In America

Like many of us, common Americans, I too have been watching the rising violence of ever more ubiquitous protests with a mixture of disgust and trepidation. We on the right side of the political...

Huma, Mohammed and Weiner: Why It All Made Sense

Daniel Greenfield and Dr. Jamie Glazov discuss Huma, Mohammed and Weiner reflecting on: Was it all just perfectly normal for Abedin until western eyes set in?

Daniel Greenfield: Memorials of Grief

It was around the time of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, that memorials stopped being remembrances of virtue, and became therapy sessions. The old statues of determined men gave way to empty...

Ann-Marie Murrell: How 9/11/01 Turned Me Into a Republican

For anyone who doesn’t know, I used to be a Democrat. I joined the Democrat Party as a high school student mainly because of a cute boy whose father was a Texas State Representative.  Later...

Dr. Bill Warner: Why I Am A Civilizationist

Dr. Bill Warner, the president of, discusses why he is a “Civilizationist” and he asks: Is it racist to believe that critical thought is better than authoritative...

Obama/Brotherhood Policy Sympathizers Vs. Trump

Daniel Greenfield and Dr. Jamie Glazov discuss the Obama/Brotherhood Policy Sympathizers vs. Trump, analyzing how the president’s foreign policy deck has now been cleared of Islam-realists.

Hazem Farraj on ISIS and Islamic Reform

Hazem Farraj is an ex-Muslim and human-rights activist.Hazem shares his journey out of Islam, unveils the roots of ISIS and reflects on the possibility of Islamic reform.

Daniel Greenfield: An Allahu Akbar August

“I thought mad dogs foamed at the mouth, galloped, leaped and lunged at throats, and I thought they did it in August.”  To Kill a Mockingbird In Roanoke, Virginia, Wasil Farooqui had...

Gorka’s Departure – A Troubling Sign of Brotherhood’s Grip

Jamie Glazov discusses Gorka’s Departure – A Troubling Sign of Brotherhood’s Grip, reflecting on how all the heroic truth-tellers about Jihad are being forced out of Trump administration.

Retired CIA Station Chief Discusses ISIS’s Internet Trolling and Recruitment

Brad Johnson, a retired CIA Station Chief, discusses ISIS’s Internet Trolling and Recruitment, exposing the dark world of the Jihadist web.

Why Hillary Won’t Quit Huma

Daniel Greenfield and Jamie Glazov discuss Hillary Clinton’s continuing relationship with Huma Abedin, reflecting on the disturbing questions about money, the Muslim Brotherhood, and much,...

Daniel Greenfield: All Roads Lead to Jihad

Cambrils, Spain. The road to September 11 wended its way through this Spanish town where Mohammed Atta, the lead hijacker, met up with Ramzi bin al-Shibh, the former refugee to Germany and...

Daniel Greenfield: The Invasion of Canada

Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle. 1,477 people live in this little corner of Quebec with its apple orchards, elderberry fields and small wineries. But now 400 migrants can cross the border in a single...

Fmr FBI Agent: #FireMcMaster and Civilization Jihad By ‘OUR’ Hands

John Guandolo, a former FBI agent, combat veteran Marine, and now the president of Understanding the Threat, discussed the importance of #FireMcMaster and Civilization Jihad by “OUR” Hands,...

‘Collective Munchausen’ Around Trump

Dr. Gad Saad, the host of The Saad Truth, discusses “Collective Munchausen” surrounding President Trump, unveiling a morbid psychological disorder that has infected an entire cult.