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Category: Health

#FixTheVA: A Must-See Film for All Concerned About America’s Veterans Healthcare

#FixtheVA is a must-see mini-documentary series produced by the Blaze Radio Network co-hosts Skip LaCombe and Doc Thompson.

The Syndrome Called Obamacare

Patti Barnett Terrell shares some personal horror stories she has encountered with the malady called Obamacare.

Rick Santorum: “We need a president who cares about women’s health”

Rick Santorum spoke to PolitiChicks about women's healthcare and the fact that Planned Parenthood is primarily an abortion--not healthcare--clinic.

Former Olympian: Eating for a Long Day at Work

Former Olympian Sarah Condor offers advice about eating for a long day at work--and beyond.

Energy Drinks: The Monster in the Can (PH, Acidity, Cola, and Cancer)

Health and fitness expert ia Michelle warns of the very real dangers of energy drinks.

Affordable Care? Not For This Doctor.

The math tells Dr. Bill Simpson that he can’t afford the Affordable Care Act.

Conservative T-Shirt Business Owner Using Shirts to Promote Patriotism!

Gary is a strong conservative Republican and has been in business since 1993 with an online web store called Party Crasher T-Shirts.

Heads-Up Parents: School-wide Student Mental Health Plans Coming Your Way

Parents Beware: The latest grab for your children are Student Mental Health plans, in which teachers are allowed to evaluate your child's mental health.

Netiquette: Social Graces

Shannon Sloane offers tips on network etiquette, or 'netiquette'.

BREAKING: Ft. McClellan Health Registry Act Re-Introduced in House

Rep. Paul Tonko (D-NY) has re-introduced his Ft. McClellan Health Registry Act legislation.

Why Americans Are Struggling To Meet Their Healthcare Costs

Because of government overreach, healthcare costs are skyrocketing--and yet the overreach continues.

Heart Patient Learns Firsthand: The Affordable Care Act is NOT Affordable.

As a heart patient needing constant care, PolitiChick Lara Rhea understands firsthand that the Affordable Care Act is anything BUT affordable.
Posted On June 1, 2015

Kindness, Civility and Consideration: Not Just for Southerners

At the risk of sounding out of touch, one of the advantages—or perhaps disadvantages—of being older is that “I remember when…” My parents used to say that all the time and I was real good at...

FASHION: Are You Confused About “Appropriate Attire”?

Socially Smart with Shannon Sloane America is still an exceptional country, so as Americans we should strive to be excellent in all areas of our lives—in business, in relationships, our speech,...

Free Health Care and the Road to Involuntary Euthanasia

“What you get under Obamacare isn’t really insurance. It’s prepaid health care,” said Colin Gunn, producer of a new documentary on health care, in a recent phone interview with Politichicks. Gunn...

Functional Fitness

Just step inside any gym and you’ll see people performing a variety of training styles; machine maniacs, free-weight strength trainers, people who love their cardio and somewhere in the corner-...

Fashion: Athletic + Leisure = Athleisure

I dress in leisurely clothes that I most likely would not wear for sports. When I play soccer, I get out my old cleats that have been rained on, snowed on, soaked to the bone, dried out, a...

How to Stay Fit & Healthy While Traveling

For some, business trips are inevitable with the hustle and bustle and back and forth traveling as their weekly reality.  Air plane food, business lunches, hot dog carts, late night cocktails,...