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Category: Entertainment

Book Review: Confrontational Politics

This 110-page gem is a real eye-opener for any Conservative who has been outmaneuvered and outshouted on key issues by the Left. The reason: Conservatives are just too “nice.” Being “right” is...

Bo Derek Still a Perfect 10

PolitiChick Ann-Marie interviews beautiful Woman of the Year Bo Derek at a fundraiser for Republican State Senator Tony Strickland.

PolitiChicks in Las Vegas: Hating Breitbart, RightOnline 2012 – Part 1

Hating Breitbart, film preview introduced by filmmaker Andrew Marcus. With Bill Whittle… and friends.  

WARNING! Language NSFW – PolitiChicks in Las Vegas, Breitbart is Here: RightOnline 2012-Part 2

WARNING: Some language not suitable for children or for work. Larry O’Connor remembers Andrew Breitbart lovingly. Andrew Marcus presents a preview of his upcoming film, Hating Breitbart.  

Andrew Breitbart ‘Legacy of a Culture Warrior’ by Musician Toots Sweet

RIP Andrew Breitbart… You were a true Culture Warrior…. Special thanks to Ann-Marie Murrell Politi Chicks –… and Lisa Mei Norton BigDawg music...

Book Review: Ameritopia by Mark Levin

After reading Mark Levin’s masterpiece Liberty and Tyranny at least half a dozen times, I couldn’t wait to read his latest creation, Ameritopia:  The Unmaking of America.  I wasn’t disappointed....

Best New Audio Book: “Weapon of A.S.S. (American Socialist States) Destruction”

Anyone who reads my column knows I’m a big fan of PJTV political pundit AlfonZo Rachel.  I’ve conducted multiple interviews with him and written multiple articles about him and consider him one...

Book Review: Demonic by Ann Coulter

All summer I meant to read Ann Coulter’s Demonic but kept getting sidetracked by life.   I finally finished it just as the Occupy Wall Street stuff hoopla started taking off. O. M. G. No kidding,...

Gary Sinise, Blacklisted Actors, Primetime Propaganda

From Ann-Marie Murrell’s 2012 video show called “The Patriot Update”:  Ann-Marie gives you the ‘inside scoop’ on Conservative Hollywood—including news about actor...