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Category: Education

Dr. Jamie Glazov: 9 Steps to Successfully Counter Jihad

Dr. Jamie Glazov wrote the following for While the Obama administration continues to allow the Muslim Brotherhood to direct American foreign policy and, therefore, to impleme...

AlfonZo Rachel: Hillary Clinton, A Picture of “White Privilege”

What those poor 'white privilege' Leftists fail to see is that the epitome of 'white privilege' is their creaky old cheerleader, Hillary Clinton.

My Favorite National Republican Convention: Miami 1968

Dr. Fred Eichelman shares his experiences from the 1968 National Republican Convention.

Free and Separate States United For the Cause of Liberty

Of the 56 men who signed the declaration, 12 fought in battles as members of state militias, five were captured and imprisoned during the Revolutionary War, 17 lost property as a result of...
Posted On July 5, 2016

Daniel Greenfield: The Right to Happiness is the Antidote to Tyranny

The pursuit of happiness is impossible where tyranny exists. That's the reason America was founded and why we should celebrate this every day.

Happy Birthday, America! Your Greatest Gift Is Still Your Cornerstone

“Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty.” ~2 Corinthians 3:17 God certainly has been blessing America since her birth in 1776. Under His Divine Providence over the last two...

Prager University: 4th of July Seder With the PolitiChicks & Friends!

In this classic episode of our PolitiChicks TV show, we celebrate the Prager University tradition of a 4th of July Seder.

Sen. Cruz Warns: Orwellian Censorship of Obama’s Administration Poses Grave Risk to Our National Security

This week on CSPAN 2, concluding the hearing on radical Islam and terrorism in the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Oversight and Federal Courts, Senator Cruz made the following three...

The (Surprising) Main Source of America’s Successful Ideas

About a month ago Sonya Sasser decided that she was going to teach her children America's Spiritual Heritage this summer.

Daniel Greenfield: Games Overgrown Political Children Play

What we have is a political system in which childish tactics are used to play childish games with adult consequences.

Inheriting Prejudice In the Name of Nationality, Ethnicity, Statehood

Today, the world is full of political correctness and allegations of “racism.” I grew up in a totally white environment – but for a few gypsies and some Vietnamese “exchange” students,...

There Can Be No Capitalism, No Republic – Without Independence

Dr. Sarah Condor understands the meaning of independence firsthand, having grown up in Europe.

A Case for Reading the Qur’an

After the terror attacks in Paris in November of last year, the world was shocked by the threat of ISIS. While ISIS had been wreaking havoc in the Middle East, the attacks in Paris showed how...

Understanding Widowhood

Carolyn Elkins shares what it's like to be a young widow.

Daniel Greenfield: Liberating Our Jerusalem

Jerusalem Day is a reminder of what the real problem is and what the real solution is. Muslim occupation of Israel is the problem.

Washington’s Army: 4 Valuable Lessons I Learned From a Few Ragtag Ragamuffins

After reading the book 'The Real George Washington' with her children, Sonya Sasser shares 4 valuable lessons they took from it.

Radical Islam Is the Enemy of Israel

Israeli citizen David Wassman explains who the real enemy of Israel is.

Project Veritas Uncovers Corruption in Oregon School System

James O'Keefe and Project Veritas have done it again, this time uncovering corruption in the Oregon educational system.