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Could This Be Another End Run Around Education Privacy?

Call me paranoid if you will, but paranoid people have enemies, too, and the enemies of freedom never quit their efforts to control. While I don’t have any direct knowledge of what is being done...

Macey France: Education Sec. Betsy DeVos, Vouchers, and Common Core

Many people are wondering since Donald J. Trump won the presidency and appointed DeVos to lead the department of education: Is this good or bad? What are the intentions for direction going...

Why Liberal Heads Are Exploding Over Trump’s Appointments

In recent weeks, President-Elect Donald Trump sent the Left into hysterics by selecting Stephen K. Bannon as chief strategist in the White House, Reince Priebus as chief of staff, Sen. Jeff...

Gov. Gary Herbert’s SHOCKING Endorsement in Utah’s BOE Race

Why would Republican Gov. Herbert endorse pro-Common Core candidates? Did he lie in the primary? Where does he really stand on Utah education policy?

MUST READ Book: “Rotten to the (Common) Core”

Get out your highlighters and Post-It flags, I’ve got a must-read to share with everyone interested in learning the history of Common Core. In Rotten to the (Common) Core, by Joseph P. Farrell...

Project Veritas Uncovers Corruption in Oregon School System

James O'Keefe and Project Veritas have done it again, this time uncovering corruption in the Oregon educational system.

Portland Public Schools Ban Books That Deny Climate Change

If a parent wants a book banned, they are anti-1st Amendment. But if a school board bans a book, crickets...

To Sanders’ Supporters: Subjugated by Socialism?

Gray people living in gray houses having gray lives and gray destinations… Socialism is based on mediocrity.

Common Core Math: 2+ 2 Might, Maybe, Kinda, Sorta, = 5?

Word is that students are able to claim 2 + 2 = 5 & get credit for “creative thinking” so long as they explain their process to arrive at that answer.

Sanders’ Platform: Common Core Birth-to-Death

A vote for Bernie Sanders is a vote for Common Core, birth to death.

Who Is Bernie Sanders?

Who exactly is Bernie Sanders? Dr. Sarah Condor shines the light on the first potential socialist Democrat nominee for president.

Undercover Video: “Common Core Is All About the Money”

PolitiChicks has been saying this for years but now one of their own was caught by Project Veritas saying it, too: "Common Core is all about the money!"

Parents Be Aware of This New Education Reform Word: Metacognitive

'Non-cognitive' has been changed to 'metacognitive' & Macey France explains how info about your child is being tracked via metacognitive details.

Abolish the Federal Education Dept. and the Oligarchy of D.C.

The out-of-control Federal Education Dept. should be completely abolished. Is there hope? Maybe, but it won’t be easy.

Gates Foundation “Transformation Centers” For Teachers

Everything else aside, doesn't “Transformation Centers” sound really creepy?

$100 Million Spent on New Age Religion “Mindfulness” Practices for Schools

Big bucks are being spent to teach YOUR KIDS New Age religion Mindfulness meditation--and yet they won't let your kids pray about it at school...

Want Your Child to Opt Out of Testing? Not So Fast.

Opt out of testing? The Obama administration has found a solution for that.

Mark Zuckerberg and Wife to Create New Cradle-to-Graduation School

creator Mark Zuckerberg and his wife are creating a new type of school that begins cradle and ends with graduation.