Negrophilia by Erik Rush

I can truly say that I have the honor of having Erik Rush on our show “Powers to the People” at least twice a month.  Erik is a talent beyond true measure and he is a great joy to know and talk to not only on the air but simple chats on Facebook or Twitter. I’ve told him that I hope one day I get to meet the real “Erik Rush” in person.  I say that because to hear Erik discuss whatever topic is on the agenda during our show is to hear pure eloquence in speaking.  He uses big words! Words I have to look up to find out the meaning while he is on air with Tony and me.  I’m not embarrassed to reveal that secret, I just need to catch up!

When I first approached Erik to come on our show I downloaded his book Negrophilia so that I could be informed during the interview.  Erik touches on the past forty years of history and how with the help of activists, politicians and the press (MSM), the black race has been placed on a pedestal of “subliminal persuasion toward affinity and a misconception of virtue” while being condemned by ill intending groups to a life of mediocrity having the label of helpless and having no merits to succeed on their own.

Negrophilia touches on the ironic hypocrisy of being a successful black in America that leans towards traditional Christian values and the concept of accountability and believing you are the “master of your own destiny”.  For Erik to live by this ideology, he has somehow been characterized by the victimhood establishment as worse than a white “oppressor”.  The hate merchants such as the Al Sharpton’s and Jesse Jackson’s of the world who have financially benefitted for subscribing to this mantra would view Erik Rush as a traitor at best.  Matter of fact the term “traitor” would be kind for those two to use. We’ve heard much worse come out of their “Reverend” mouths to those who would suggest the true suppression of the black race lies within its own leaders.

Credited for exposing the bigoted and radical black theology church leader and mentor to Barack Obama, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Rush could never be described as subscribing to the leftist progressive ideology and instead exposed Trinity United Church of Christ where Obama and his wife spent over 20 years sitting in the congregation as a church that subscribes by the Twelve “Black Ethics”.

In Negrophilia you will also get the great privilege to get to know a little more about how Erik is Erik.  A product of an interracial couple, Rush describes his experiences with friends in school, his environment in which he was surrounded by, the music his parents played in their home as he was growing up and how he made the decision at an early age to not allow the negative social influences of the period change him as it did his friends.

Negrophilia touches on taboo topics such as reparations, racism, real intentions of the Democratic Party to the black community and the actual history of the Democratic Party towards blacks in general.  Born out of propaganda, Negrophilia is the excuse provided by the left to explain victimization and bondage against the concept of self-preservation through hard work and sacrifices shared by every race in the pursuit of the American dream.  Negrophilia is most certainly provocative, intelligent and a lesson in history as told by the eloquent, gracious and bold Erik Rush.  You will be entertained, enlightened and certainly educated after reading Negrophilia.  A true “must read”! “At this juncture, we will live in a land in which we have freedom of speech and, therefore, a right to be wrong.” Erik Rush


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