Miracles and Massacres: True and Untold Stories of the Making of America

Glenn Beck’s latest work, Miracles and Massacres:  True and Untold Stories of the Making of America is a remarkable synopsis of various stories in differing periods of American history that are told in an engaging, informative manner, often leaving the reader wanting for more. Beck brings history to life in each chapter, talking about both tragedy and triumph and the heroes and villains alike and how their actions left a mark on the events unfolding.

From Patrick Henry’s fights against tyranny in late 18th Century Virginia; to the more peripheral characters surrounding the likes of Al Capone; to the inside of the mind of one of the main players of the 9/11 attacks of the 21st century, Beck has captured the heart and soul of the lesser-known stories within these historical events.

Beck also tells the stories from the points of view of lesser-known players within the context of significant historical events, and not always focusing on the more high-profile characters from the corresponding time period. Beck lifts up the more every day protagonist – people just doing their everyday job, but who do extraordinary things by going the extra mile. And the stories in Miracles & Massacres echo the themes often espoused during Beck’s national radio and TV programs, seeking justice for wrongdoing and trying to support those who want to restore honor and integrity at leadership levels in the business and political world.

Like his radio show, Beck tells these stories with a passion and in such great detail that reading the work is akin to watching a fine script unfold on the big screen. No detail is left to the imagination, as the scenery and background are enough to place one exactly in the scenarios described by each protagonist.

Miracles and Massacres is a thoroughly researched and entertaining read for anyone interested either in history or well-told stories, and comes highly recommended.

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