Ladies and Gentlemen: Why the Survival of Our Republic Depends On the Revival Of Honor

Morality and common decency is something that seems to be missing from our society these days.  With reality television shows like “All My Babies’ Mommas” celebrating the fact that one man has 11 kids from 10 different women, it seems there is a deep decline in basic standards. It is a proven byproduct that when morals are absent from society and people’s lives, we are left with exactly what we’re seeing daily, not only on television but in our communities.

In the book Ladies and Gentlemen: Why the Survival of Our Republic Depends On the Revival Of Honor, Dr. Gina Loudon and Dr. Dathan Paterno delve into the aspects of going back to the days when morality mattered; when manners were something that were taught at home and when a two-parent family was the norm and not an exception.  What has been allowed to take place is a systematic breakdown of family units and an abdication of what is right and wrong.

As Psychologists, both Drs. Loudon and Paterno give their perspectives not only based on their expertise in their fields but also on their own childhood experiences.  Ladies and Gentlemen provides examples of some of the role models of morality our history has provided, such as Martin Luther King and Sarah Palin. Additionally the book points out the liberal disease of Hollywood and the how the lack of morality in our entertainment industry is not only affecting our children today, but also the ladies and gentlemen they need to become to bring hope to our future.

As the wife of a Psychologist, who once served as the CFO of a psychology practice as well as our non-profit working with at-risk youth and their families, I’ve seen firsthand what the lack of morality can do to families and communities as a whole.  I have a unique perspective of the crisis of families without a father figure, a two-parent household or a mother in the home that was not on drugs.  Ladies and Gentlemen will definitely serve as a fantastic guide as to what we, as conservatives with Judeo-Christian values, need to do in order to survive these tumultuous times.  After you’ve read it, I highly recommend you pass it along to our friends, family and any conservative group you’re a part of.  Read it and pass it along—the future of America is in our hands and we need all the tools we can get.





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