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Author: Tim Donnelly

Tim Donnelly via Breitbart: “Jerry Brown’s California Legacy is a Dam Failure”

As always, former CA Assemblyman Tim Donnelly has strong words for Gov. Jerry Brown regarding California's failing infrastructure.

Tim Donnelly: “No Voter Fraud in California” and Other Fake Headlines

Mr. Trump stated what so many of us in California have known for years, but the establishment and the media refuses to acknowledge—voter fraud is widespread and rampant.

Tim Donnelly: “Why I Believe Donald Trump is Going to Win By a Landslide.”

Former CA Assemblyman and gubernatorial candidate Tim Donnelly explains why he believes Donald Trump will not only win, but he will win by a landslide.

Hillary’s America: Take Away Your Guns, Bring In More Terrorists

Another day, another 5 dead in the war that Islamic Jihadists are waging on American soil. Including a 16 year-old cancer survivor. This time it’s a small town in Washington state. Burlington....

ONE NIGHT ONLY: Movie “Targeted, Exposing the Gun Control Agenda”

From former California Assembyman, Tim Donnelly: If you live in California, it’s not news to you that you’re at the epicenter of the gun control debate. While the Democrats have put...

Former CA Assemblyman to AG Loretta Lynch: “I Dare You to Arrest Me Instead of the Jihad Next Door!”

Former CA Assemblyman Tim Donnelly has strong words for Attorney General Loretta Lynch regarding Islamic terrorism.

Assemblyman Tim Donnelly on Tony Strickland’s “Race-Baiting” Mailer

Almost a year ago, the GOP Establishment declared war on the Tea Party, but what they really did is declare war on Republicans. Forget about the 11th Commandment. They simply use that to silence...

What Women Really Want Acc. to the Bravest Female Conservatives Alive‏

(Editor’s note:  Major thank you to our friend, Assemblyman Tim Donnelly for this amazingly great review, which he sent to his entire e-mail list! ) If you haven’t read, “What Women Really...

Obama’s Vanity Land Grab Threatens to Shut Down Mt. Baldy & Burro Canyon Shooting Park

Just when you thought he couldn’t do any more damage to our country, he pops up like a spectre out of a Jack-In-The-Box frightening children. President Obama is traveling this week to California...

Op Ed by Assemblyman Tim Donnelly: The Myth of Border Security

Most people in the border states know that border security is just a myth spread by politicians in Washington. Most of the time, the American public is fooled. Not this time. As tens of thousands...

Guest Writer Assemblyman Tim Donnelly: Call to Action for Marine Andrew Tahmooressi

To all Americans who who love and appreciate the men and women who risk their lives for our freedom, We have an American Marine who President Obama and his administration have “left...

Guest Writer Assemblyman Tim Donnelly: Defending Sgt. Sommers, Defending Freedom

If you are like me, you are probably having a lot of trouble believing the headlines these past couple of weeks. In particular, there is one story that absolutely stood out among all of the...
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