Author: Terri LaPoint

Refugees and Foster Children – Why We’ve Got It Wrong on Both

Good people who care should focus on keeping the refugee and the abused or neglected child in their own culture or home, or as close to that as possible.

Why Pro-Lifers Need to Support Donald Trump

In terms of abortion, this election comes down to either a man who will fight for all life, born or preborn, or a woman who will fight for the right to end it, including partial birth.

Jeff Sessions Appointed as Trump’s National Security Chairman Days After Endorsement

Donald Trump announced he has just tapped Senator Jeff Sessions to serve as the Chairman of his National Security Advisory Committee.

Has Trump Crossed a Line on Freedom of the Press?

Perhaps Donald Trump should clearly specify who, what, why, and how.

Alabama Attorney Suing Supreme Court Justices Over Same Sex Marriage Decision

An Alabaman attorney argues that the Gay Marriage decision essentially rewrites the 14th to expand governmental authority instead of protecting liberty.

Conservatives in South Carolina Are Ready for Victory

Conservatives gathered in South Carolina the the first Conservative Convention led by Mark Levin.

Who/What is NARAL and Why Are They Terrified of Doritos and a Humanized Baby?

Terri LaPoint explains why the pro-abortion group NARAL has good reason to be afraid of the humanization of a baby.

Why Such Animosity Between Supporters of the Presidential Candidates?

Some supporters of the various candidates are unleashing vitriol at fellow party members who support a different candidate. And it is getting ugly.

Tens of Thousands Brave DC Blizzard to Speak Out for Life – Even the Exceptions

Things were different this year for the annual March for Life in Washington DC.

Historic March in Selma, Alabama Leads to Shut Down of Illegal Abortion Clinic

Activists were successful in shutting down an illegal abortion clinic in Selma, Alabama that mostly targeted poor black women.

“Woodlawn” – A Movie with the Power to Change Our Nation

Every once in awhile, a movie comes along that can impact, even define, a generation. Woodlawn is such a film.

“Legal Kidnapping” by CPS – It’s Domestic Terrorism

How did we get to this place as a nation? Michelle Rider had it right. She referred to the actions of Child Protective Services as “domestic terrorism.” The mother of medically kidnapped teenager...

Why Such Hatred for The One So Filled With Love?

The persecution and intolerance of Christians has reached a level that none of us have seen in our lifetime. The venom is all around us, from lawsuits against Christian bakers to the wholesale...

Dem Lawmaker Unintentionally Provides Brilliant Point in Marriage Culture War

She was trying to argue against a bill that says that a minister, rabbi, or probate judge cannot be required to perform a marriage ceremony for anyone, including those of the same sex, if it...

Arizona Showdown – Malpractice Covered Up By CPS & Medical Kidnapping

The eyes of the nation will be focused on Phoenix for Super Bowl weekend. But there are many families in Arizona who hope that the nation will pay attention to another major battle in the state....

The Untold Story about the Destruction of Families at the Hands of CPS

The practice of many Child Protective Agencies around the country is to take children immediately and sort it all out later, but at what cost? Countless lives are being destroyed, and untold...

Teenager Isaiah Rider Held Captive in Illinois and Needs Help

A 17-year-old Missouri boy was drugged, transported, and is being held captive in Illinois. His mother is fighting for his freedom, but this was not any typical abduction. Isaiah Rider has been...

Rise Up, America – This Nation Is Still Worth It

As the world seems to be going mad all around us, we need to take a moment to focus, and remember who we are and what really matters. Injustice and violence appear to be the order of the day. Our...