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Author: Susan Swift

Julian Castro as Hillary’s VP Would Be the Democrats’ Sarah Palin

Hillary with Julian Castro as her running mate could be a winning combination. As long as Hillary stays out of jail before the elections...

Religious Persecution in America

Christian persecution is a way of life in the Middle East and now it is officially here in America. Will the president do anything other than blame guns?

Book Review: Taxifornia 2016 – The Real Life Political Horror Story of California

Unlike a Stephen King fiction horror fest, the monsters in Taxifornia 2016 are real.

Ezra Klein Proves Life is Worth Living — Even If You’re a Baby Killer.

What happens when a Swedish philosopher is asked to write about human life and it ends up not being about killing babies?

Epic Christian Victories That Saved the Western World As We Know It

Just as Christian warriors in centuries past, Americans must be prepared to answer Islamic jihad with force and strong faith in Christ.

Since 9-11 — The Final Crusade

Muslims have been waging holy war against America over 50 years. Isolated terrorist attacks have been escalating since 9-11 into something more menacing.

Absolute Proof That satan is a Mother-Hating Pro-Choice Liberal

10 to 12 members of the Satanic Temple of Detroit worshippers put on their best political theater garb to protest “forced motherhood.”

Donald Trump : The Conservatives’ Nick Fury?

Is Donald Trump the 'Nick Fury' of Conservative politics?

Voter Redistribution — How Obama’s HUD Wins 2016…and Beyond!

HUD. Select subsidized affordable housing sites in suburbs. Translation: Relocation. Translation: New Democrat voters. Problem, no?

Armenian Genocide: 100 Years of Silence against Christian Persecution

“Who, after all, speaks today of the extermination of the Armenians?”- Adolph Hitler, Obersalzburg 1939. This week memorializes 100 years since the Armenian Genocide, part of the larger genocide...

Planned Parenthood’s “Final Solution” to Allow Easy Abortions in California

With Democrat accomplices, Planned Parenthood quietly seeks to deny life-saving emergency medical care to women in California. How and why would an organization claiming to champion “women’s...

Walking the Walk: PolitiChick Writer Runs for Local Office

For years my political passion has found expression whether in my writing here at Politichicks, earlier when the late Andrew Breitbart asked me to contribute to his site, or in speaking, going...

The Lone Wolf Conspiracy

It’s become a cliche. After a high profile shooting or bombing – D.C. Sniper, Times Square Bomber, Boston Marathon Bomber, Ft. Hood, Congresswoman Giffords’ shooter, etc – the...

I Have a Dream: Black Lives Matter

This week we memorialize two salient civil rights events: first, the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and second, the annual March for Life in Washington D.C. In his 1967 Christmas Sermon...

Social Shaming Win! YouTube User Pulls “Kill A Cop Challenge” Video

On December 28th, a concerned woman posted a link to a vulgar YouTube video on the social media page Online Protest for to Remove “Kill the Police” Pages asking its 188k members to report the...

Secret Christian Code: The Twelve Days of Christmas & the Meaning behind Politically Correct code of Catholic Faith

Back in 16th century, Catholics were persecuted to the point of death just for practicing their religion.  (Sound familiar?) The traditional carol “The Twelve Days of Christmas”...

Leftist Family Values Schizophrenia: Thanksgiving vs. Christmas

Every Thanksgiving, Leftists magically become champions of Family Values, of the importance of spending time at home with family rather than at work. The weeks preceding Thanksgiving see...

Patriot Eric Garner and the Certainty of Death and Taxes

Eric Garner died a patriot. Yes, you read that right. Eric Garner has more in common with the colonists at the Boston Tea Party than he does with Michael Brown. Eric Garner died while being...