Author: Susan Swift

Make America Fertile Again

Except for the influx of immigrants, America’s birth rate is falling below replacement rate.

Hillary’s Harpies Stage #FakeInauguration March

Liberal Bra Burners still haven't come to grips with the presidential election. So they're staging (yet another) protest.

New Year’s Resolutions to Hasten the American Resurrection of 2017

Susan Swift offers 5 political resolutions to hasten the coming American Resurrection.

Electoral College Doomsday: Liberals Go Full Frontal CRAZY to Stop Trump

Electors are being harassed, intimidated, and in some instances threatened with death, to coerce them to change their votes.

Harvard Prof Says Enough GOP Electors May Defect to Block Trump

A Harvard law professor and progressive activist has been offering free legal advice to GOP electors considering voting against Trump on December 19th.  With less than a week to go until electors...

EXCLUSIVE Interview with Steve Beaman: “Trump – America’s New CEO”

Steve Beaman spoke to Politichicks about President Elect Trump's threat to penalize American companies who move business overseas.

Why Liberals HATE Trump’s EPA Pick Scott Pruitt

President Elect Donald Trump’s latest pick to head the E.PA. has liberal heads exploding.  Here are five fast facts about Oklahoma’s attorney general, Scott Pruitt, that explain why:...

Why Does Hillary Look Ghastly? Her New Persona Or Parkinson’s?

"Motive driven" could describe Hillary Clinton's entire life. So what's she up to now?

Why Liberal Heads Are Exploding Over Trump’s Appointments

In recent weeks, President-Elect Donald Trump sent the Left into hysterics by selecting Stephen K. Bannon as chief strategist in the White House, Reince Priebus as chief of staff, Sen. Jeff...

VIDEO BREAKING: Secret Service Rush Donald Trump Off Stage at Reno Rally

Security rush GOP nominee Donald Trump off the stage in the middle of his campaign rally in Reno, Nevada.  Video provided via shows security taking a man in the crowd down. Trump is rushed off...

Will (or Won’t) Obama Pardon Hillary Before Election?

Susan Swift offers her reasons why Obama will not pardon Hillary Clinton.

Justice For ALL? FBI Revolt Forced Comey to Reopen Clinton Probe

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay has confirmed that "almost 100 agents were threatening Comey that they were going to resign — and that kind of pressure is what turned him around."

FBI Sources: 99% Sure HRC Server Was Hacked; Indictment Likely

UPDATE:  On Friday FOX News retracted reports about an indictment.   The FBI’s probe into The Clinton Foundation pay-for-play activity is expanding.  There are multiple ongoing FBI...

Obama’s Power to Pardon Hillary: He Doesn’t Need A Reason

If Hillary loses, Obama can pardon her before transferring power to bring "closure" to the FBI investigation quickly lest additional information reveal DNC connections to crimes.

Wrong Epitaph: Trump’s “Damage” To The Republican Brand

If the Republican Party is doomed, it is certainly not because of Donald Trump.

Clinton Surrogates Furious . . . at HRC!

A scathing revelation is that some Hillary's surrogates are furious -- AT HILLARY, blaming Hillary and her handlers.

WHY Did FBI Director Comey Reopen Clinton Email Investigation?

  What would compel FBI Director James Comey to reopen his investigation into Hillary Clinton?  The New York Times reports the development springs from newly discovered emails foun...

BREAKING: FBI’s James Comey Reopens Investigation of Hillary’s Email Server-Gate

ITV News reports the FBI Director James Comey is reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s e-mails sent via a personal server: The FBI had previously announced that its...