Author: Steven Maikoski

It Is the Federal Government’s Duty to Stop California

During this last election in California our ballot showed only two Democrats as candidates for US Senator—no Republicans, no independents. Making matters even worse was that the system would not...

MAINSTREAM: The Liberal Code Word

What is the mainstream anyway, and why does it take priority over our Constitution with people like Senator Schumer?

Hillary’s Last Campaign Lie

Hillary’s concession speech on Wednesday tendered a horrible lie.

Hillary Clinton’s Tactic: Civil Firearms Forfeiture

If Hillary Clinton wins the presidency, it is likely that your Second Amendment rights (and the right to own firearms) will mean nothing.

4-4 For the Constitution

It is in our Nation's interest that laws and the Constitution be taken seriously, but this is the opposite of what today's Democrats believe.

Bernie vs. Jesus

As election day approaches, Californians are seeing Bernie Sanders giving sermons on the high-def TV mount. He sounds wonderful on the telly as he promises to deliver his children out of the...

The (Jerk) Boss: Springsteen

Instead of simply sharing his music with the world, Bruce Springsteen is sharing his intolerance of those who disagree with him.

Steven Maikoski (Opinion): Why Donald Trump?

Steven Maikoski explains why he prefers Donald Trump for president.

The Last Vampire – The Fifth Liberal Justice

The debate on this empty seat for the Supreme Court justice is a fight for our entire constitutional republic. Fight like it’s worth it.

Are Democrats Throwing the Game for a Poisoned Presidency?

Steve Maikoski believes the Democrats are offering the Republicans the next presidency as a poisoned piece on the political chessboard.

The Bigger Picture Behind the San Bernardino Jihadist Attack

From cell phone photos, excessive ammo, and victim Nicholas Thalasinos, many questions are still unanswered in the San Bernardino jihadist attack.

An Argument for Hillary Clinton on the New Ten-Dollar Bill (P.S. God Help Us.

A (convoluted) argument as to why Hillary Clinton should be featured on the new ten-dollar bill. God help us.

The Presidential Candidate We SHOULD Be Listening To! (And it’s not who you think.)

Perhaps you missed this small and unimpressive candidate for president, for his physical presence was as weak as the voice that delivered his message.