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Author: Sheri Sharp

Durham, NC: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But in the midst of the recent chaos in Charlottesville and Durham this week, it seems some of our national leaders and the mainstream media (MSM)...

Irony 2016: Will the U.S. Follow Britain’s Lead on Freedom and Independence?

Let’s follow the British lead on independence this time around!

Obama’s Ideology Trumps Reality

Obama has spent 7+ years coddling of radical Islam, a never-ending push for gun control, & fanning the flames of division in America.

For Love of Country They Accepted Death

John Winthrop, a Pilgrim and advocate for freedom, once wrote about the “shining city on a hill” when describing what he imagined about America. President Ronald Reagan used that...

History is Changed by The Few

Since our choices for President are now more clear — Trump vs. Hillary — many conservatives and constitutionalists have wrangled with the stark reality that true conservatism is...

A Baker vs. Tyranny

Last Monday, the Colorado Supreme Court refused to review Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Craig. The case featured a devoutly religious baker Jack Phillips who, in 2012, before same-sex marriage was...
Posted On May 3, 2016

For Cruz, A Grassroots Strategy Is Paying Off

It is apparent that Ted Cruz's campaign strategy starts by engaging the grassroots.
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