Author: Shannon Grady


Our President Is a Real Fox

There are so many “commentators” and “personalities” that there is hardly room for anyone else to join the fray. Yet, here I am adding my two cents to the mix of bloggers and self-proclaimed...

Do All Lives Matter or Do Some Matter More?

This week marked yet another attack on the lives of police officers. Six officers were shot in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and three of those officers were murdered. These shootings come on the heels...

Congressman Jeff Duncan Says, “Listen to Trump”

South Carolina Congressman Jeff Duncan took to in defense of Donald Trump.

France May Invoke Article 5 of NATO in Response to ISIS

The first time Article 5 was invoked followed the 9/11 attacks on the U.S. So, it stands that we may soon hear a similar request from France.

One of Paris Terrorists Found With Syrian Passport

Paris police have now confirmed that a Syrian passport was found near the body of one of the attackers.

Paris Under Siege

Multiple attacks from gunmen and bombers have occurred and may still be occurring across the French city of Paris.

A PolitiChick’s Story of Cancer, Faith, and a Woman Named Rachel

Our Hawaii PolitiChick Shannon Grady shares her story of cancer and a not-so-chance meeting with a woman named Rachel.

Flag Flying Controversy in South Carolina

Shannon Grady says, "God Bless my home state of South Carolina and God Bless America!"

Disney Fires 250 U.S. Workers, Forces Them to Train Their Foreign Replacements

A new bill was passed which allows companies like Disney to use LOOPHOLES to fire U.S. employees & hire foreign workers at cheaper costs.

Bogus Story of the Week: Use Caution When Reading the Following “News” Websites

In this week's Bogus Story column, Shannon Grady shares some of the biggest offenders of bogus stories: satirical and/or questionable websites.

The Jade Helm Debate: Support the Military–But Don’t Trust Them?

U.S. Navy veteran & PolitiChick reporter Carolyn Elkins has some strong words about the Jade Helm debate.

Bogus Story of the Week: McDonald’s to Announce Newest Slogan, “Do the Robot”

Shannon Grady's 'bogus story of the week' involves McDonald's and robots. Seriously.

Bogus Story of the Week: Sometimes Pictures DO Lie.

A Righteous Deception is Still a Deception… While (thankfully) there weren’t any major ‘Bogus Stories of the Week,’ we’re starting to once again see this photo...

U.S. Rep Calls Out Obama for Violating Obamacare Law to Win Elections

The House of Representatives has filed a lawsuit that challenges President Obama’s unlawful and unconstitutional actions regarding Obamacare.

Leveling the Retail Playing Field:  France Limits Bargain Shopping to Twice Annually

In an attempt to level the retail playing field, France is limiting bargain shopping to twice a year. We're hoping the US doesn't follow suit...

House Votes to Renew NSA Spying on Americans

The House voted on Wednesday to renew the USA Freedom Act.

South Carolina High School Removes American Flag from Student’s Truck

A South Carolina high school tells a student to remove an American flag from his truck.

Top Bogus Stories of the Week

Okay, we’ve all fallen for them:  headlines that seem too outrageous to believe yet after reading a few paragraphs we share them anyway.  Almost every time, these stories are proven false...