Author: Sean O'Reilly

BREAKING: MN (D) Gov Dayton: Affordable Care Act “No Longer Affordable.”

Democrat Governor Dayton was one of President Obama’s biggest supporters of his signature health care law. That has now changed.

I Liked My Health Plan…And Now It’s Been Cut.

It was coming up on my Independence Day holiday weekend, and I should have never gotten the mail… It was innocent enough; my new normal ‘workout’ walking a few laps around the cul-de-sac on...

From Sean O’Reilly: Dear (Reasonable) Trump Supporters

Remember how everyone loved Jesse Ventura's bravado & outspokenness? Sean O'Reilly offers a reminder to Trump supporters not to believe everything you hear.

Leftists’ Revenge: (D) City Councilwoman Tweets Voters Personal Info

A Democrat councilwoman publicly tweeted personal contact information of 4 voters that disapproved of her actions.

A Leftist Christmas Meme: DEBUNKED!

Sean O'Reilly debunks an insulting social media meme about Jesus this Christmas.

The Matter of Gun Rights…For Leftists

Sean O'Reilly offers a scenario for Leftists regarding gun rights and the real meaning of "pro-choice".