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Author: PolitiChicks

America and Venezuela: A Similar Path

Earlier this month just, before the Venezuelan presidential elections, I read several articles outlining the candidates.  The race was between Hugo Chavez, the fierce and divisive Socialist...

America: The New Welfare State

This week the Congressional Research Service released a shocking report that showed the United States spent over $1 trillion on welfare in 2011!  Yes, you read that right – over $1 trillion...

California Venice Beach Politics (Spoiler alert: Legalizing Pot is a Major Factor)

PolitiChick Dr. Gina Loudon talks to some very colorful folks on the Venice Beach boardwalk about the upcoming elections.  Highlights include a man who’s voting for Roseanne Barr for...

LTC Allen West Is Watching Out for Our Military

Lt. Col. Allen West says he will “make sure” the new administration takes care of our military.

Did Ann Coulter Diss Chris Christie?

Always honest Ann Coulter tells PolitiChick Dr. Gina what she REALLY thought of Chris Christie’s speech at the RNC.

PolitiChicks Interviews CODE PINK at RNC 2012

Seriously, viewer discretion is advised in this video because Dr. Gina Loudon is interviewing women from a group that hates Israel & hates Republicans. Oh–and they’re also...