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Author: PolitiChicks

Judicial Watch Statement on FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe

From Judicial Watch: (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton made the following statement regarding reports FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe stepped down from his position today....

Gregg Cummings: The Importance of Border Security #SCTeaParty2018

Gregg C. Cummings discusses the most important thing all Americans should be concerned about: Border Security. From the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention.

Josh Bernstein: The Importance of Healthcare Choice #SCTeaParty2018

Radio host Josh Bernstein discusses the importance of healthcare choice at the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention.

Kevin Jackson Breaks Down the Snowflakes and Leftists of America #SCTeaParty2018

Kevin Jackson, author of “The Black Sphere”, holds nothing back when talking about the people who are tearing apart America.

Trevor Loudon: The Democrat Party is Now a Communist Party #SCTeaParty2018

Trevor Loudon discusses ways President Trump is saving America and why the Tea Party movement is the most important movement in our lifetime.

Corey Lewendosky: Let Trump Be Trump! #SCTeaParty2018

As always, Corey Lewendosky does NOT hold back explaining why the best thing for America is to let Donald Trump be Trump!

Daniel Greenfield: The Second Civil War #SCTeaParty2018

Daniel Greenfield at the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention explains why we are no in the Second Civil War.

Evan Sayet #SCTeaParty2018: How Liberals Think

Evan Sayet at the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention

Tom Fitton Discusses What Judicial Watch is Doing to Save America!

Judicial Watch’s Thomas Fitton talked about Benghazi, Hillary’s emails, and he explains why #ReleaseTheMemo shouldn’t be at the forefront right now. From the South Carolina Tea...

Video of The PolitiChicks in South Carolina Talking About Hollywood & ACTIVISM

PolitiChicks co-owners Ann-Marie Murrell and Morgan Brittany, along with PolitiChicks National Spokeswoman, Sonya Sasser, joined moderator and radio host Josh Bernstein onstage at the South...

Taking Back America! Greatest Minds in Conservative Media UNITE in South Carolina

Radio host Josh Bernstein interviews Joe Dugan, the founder of one of the nation’s largest and most respected conservative conventions, the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition.  Josh and Joe...

PolitiChicks Brittany & Murrell Come to Greenville to Share an Insider’s Perspective

From Washington’s Political Chaos to Hollywood’s Casting Couch:  The PolitiChicks Come to Greenville to an Insider’s Perspective Greenville, SC. Jan. 8, 2018 – The Greenville and Laurens County...

Judicial Watch: U.S. Sends Al Qaeda $768 Million in ‘Humanitarian Aid’

From Judicial Watch: The U.S. government keeps sending an Islamic nation that serves as an Al Qaeda breeding ground hundreds of millions of dollars in humanitarian aid. The cash—$768 million...

Tea Party Leader Calls for National Day of Celebration!

We hope you will join The PolitiChicks Ann-Marie Murrell, Morgan Brittany, and Sonya Sasser, PolitiChicks contributor Daniel Greenfield and many more conservative leaders at the upcoming South...

Judicial Watch Suing CA Over “Dirty Voter Registration Rolls”

On Wednesday Judicial Watch announced that it “filed a federal lawsuit against Los Angeles County and the State of California over their failure to clean their voter rolls and to produce...

Ann-Marie Murrell Discusses The Duke & Elvis With Western Film Legend Don Collier

Ann-Marie Murrell’s interview with Don Collier, who starred in over 200 Western films and television shows including “The High Chaparral”, “Bonanza”,...

Violinist Lindsey Stirling Offers Beautiful Christmas Gift In Train Station

Violinist Lindsey Sterling played 'Hallelujah' in a train station to very little notice, but the gift she was giving was priceless.

Ann-Marie Murrell Interviews Morgan Brittany About Her Career in Western Films & TV Shows

With so many non-stop creepy stories out there about Hollywood, I’m so happy to share with you my recent interview with a wonderfully decent and talented movie and television star– my...