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Author: PolitiChicks

Pres. Trump’s “Golden Touch” 1st Month: Unemployment Down, Wages Up

From Daily Mail: U.S. employers added a robust 235,000 jobs in February and wages rose at a healthy clip, a sign the economy remains on solid footing after nearly eight years of recovery. The...

George Clooney’s Wife Is Fighting for Victims of ISIS at UN

George Clooney’s wife, human rights lawyer Amal Clooney, spoke out against not allowing ISIS to “get away with genocide” and standing up for victims of Islamic terrorism. From...

Pres. Trump’s 1st Month Brings 298,000 NEW JOBS to Private Sector in February

In his first full month in office, President Trump is honoring his campaign promise that he will bring more jobs to America.

Irony Alert: Pelosi Says Americans Deserve to See What Republicans Are Doing With Healthcare

Without a trace of irony Nancy Pelosi said, “The American people deserve to see what Republicans are trying to do to their health care.”

Mark Levin on Possible Wiretaps: “We’re Talking About Police State Tactics”

Mark Levin, appearing on Sean Hannity, perfectly explains why media is suddenly changing its story regarding wiretaps.

Pres. Trump Accuses Obama of Wiretapping Trump Tower Via Twitter

Pres. Trump sent out a series of tweets accusing the Obama administration of wiretapping Trump Towers before the election.

LA Times Writer Defends Stephen Bannon: “Not Racist or an Anti-Semetic”

Despite accusations, a former Jewish Breitbart employee defends WH advisor Steve Bannon via the LA Times.

Dallas County Commissioner Accused of Funneling Millions from Lobbyist

FBI details decades' of cash and check payments to powerful Dallas County commissioner in an account he set up for his (deceased) mother.

Is Geert Wilders the “Donald Trump of the Netherlands”?

In the ultra-progressive Netherlands, Geert Wilders wants to end immigration from Muslim countries, tax head scarves and ban the Quran.

LA Times Reports Illegals on Border ‘Psychologically Traumatized’ By Trump

Some of the folks who've had been entering the U.S. illegally are becoming mentally damaged worrying about President Trump...

“Love Trumps Hate” Crowd Threatens Trump Supporters in NYC

Pres. Trump supporters in NYC are being overwhelmed by Trump haters.

#Oscar2017’s Biggest “Oopsie” Moment Ever (and It Was a Doozy)

Last night's Oscars gave a big thump on the back of Hollywood's arrogant head.

Nigel Farage’s Full Speech at #CPAC2017

British politician and broadcaster Nigel Farage gave a speech that resonated among so many at CPAC 2017.

Dennis Prager: The Least Understood of the 10 Commandments

Why is forbidding murder, something so obvious, even needed in the Ten Commandments? Dennis Prager explains.

Why Have An All-GOP Congress/Senate If They DO NOTHING?

Now that Republicans have control of Congress, they seem to have lost focus.

Daniel Pipes: A White House Initiative to Defeat Radical Islam

Who is the enemy? It’s been over 15 years since 9/11 and still this fundamental question still rattles around. Prominent answers have included evil doers, violent extremists, terrorists,...

BREAKING: ACU Uninvites Milo from Speaking at CPAC, but Pres. Trump Will Be

After a video surfaced of controversial media personality Milo Yiannopoulos making comments about pedophilia, ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp announced Monday that Milo has been “uninvited”...

“Recycled Propaganda” Leveled at Trump Disguised as “NYT Scoops”

The same folks who are trying to warn you about #FakeNews are also the creators and perpetrators of #FakeNews...