Author: Mona Salama

Marco Rubio in New Hampshire: “Frustration isn’t enough to elect any Republican”

With Iowa and New Hampshire voting drawing near, Florida Senator Marco Rubio is focusing his message on being the only candidate running who can relate to everyday people. “It is not enough to...

#MonaLog: Conservatives Unite Against Trump & Huckabee Challenges Cruz’s Tithing

In today's #MonaLog, a group of conservatives unite against Trump, GOP debate criteria is announced and Huckabee challenges Cruz's tithing.

Ted Cruz Wraps up NH Bus Tour as Establishment Escalates Attacks

Frightened Establishment Republicans seem to be abandoning their hope for Rubio & are scrambling to oust Ted Cruz who is campaigning in New Hampshire.

Dr. Ben Carson in South Carolina: Playing Nice in a Mean Political Field

Dr. Ben Carson discussed how he continues to maintain a 'nice' demeanor under such mean political circumstances at the South Carolina Tea Party convention.

Donald Trump Draws Cheers and Boos at South Carolina Tea Party Convention

Donald Trump wowed the crowd until he went after Ted Cruz, and then things went a bit sour.

Ted Cruz to South Carolina Tea Party: “Time for Choosing”

Ted Cruz energized the South Carolina Tea Party crowd with a speech that focused on conservative issues.

Fox Business Debate: A Four-Man Showdown

Thursday's debate provided an indication that the crowded field is tightened down to a four-man showdown.

#MonaLog: GOP Debate and New Jeb Ad Attacking Trump

In today's #MonaLog, candidates are prepping for tomorrow's GOP debate, Jeb has a new ad attacking Donald Trump and more.

Ted Cruz Addresses Trump & Protesters in New Hampshire

On the night of Obama’s final State of the Union address, Texas Senator Ted Cruz was miles away campaigning in the Granite State.

#MonaLog: Trump vs. Cruz on Birtherism & Paul Attacks Trump

In today's #MonaLog, Trump continues discussing Cruz's citizenship while Paul attacks Trump. Meanwhile, Hillary once again gets a free pass...

Rubio Slams GOP Rivals and Hillary Clinton in his National Security Speech

In New Hampshire, Sen. Marco Rubio spent more time bashing his fellow Republicans than his Democrat rivals.

#MonaLog: Rand Paul’s Fiery New Year’s Resolutions & the #CarlyCurse

In this edition of #MonaLog, the GOP hopefuls give their New Year's Resolutions including a very fiery one from Sen. Rand Paul.

The Most Impactful Political Quotes of 2015

Another year has passed and a New Year is about to start. 2016 is a Presidential year and this election will be on the minds of all Americans. With 313 days until Election Day and a month before...

Honoring Fallen NYPD Detective and Soldier Killed in Afghanistan

NYPD gave their final goodbye to NYPD Detective and Soldier Joseph Lemm, killed in Afghanistan.

#MonaLog: Pataki Ends Presidential Bid, Santorum Goes After Cruz

Our PolitiChick insider Mona Salama shares this week's latest stories, including Pataki ending his presidential bid & Santorum dissing Sen. Ted Cruz.

#MonaLog: Washington Post Publishes Cartoon Depicting Ted Cruz’s Daughters as Monkeys.

Imagine what would happen if this had been a Democrat's daughters instead of Ted Cruz...

#MonaLog: Goodbye Lindsey Graham, Happy Birthday Sen. Ted Cruz

#MonaLog says Goodbye Lindsey, Happy Birthday, Sen. Cruz

Remembering Slain NYPD Det. Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos 1-Year Later

New York pays tribute to 2 NYPD officers slain last December.