Author: Mona Salama

It’s Official, Jeb! Is Running

After much speculation, Jeb Bush hat has thrown his hat in the Republican presidential ring.

Hillary 3.0 Announcement in NYC: Long On Promise, Short on Detail

NY PolitiChicks reporter Mona Salama's coverage of Hillary Clinton's rally announcing her presidential run.

McKinney, Out of Control Teens, and the Daily Dangers Police Face

Agitators are trying to turn an out-of-control pool party in McKinney, Texas into the next Selma.

Rick Perry Gives Very ‘Presidential’ Speech in New Hampshire, Focuses on Veterans

Rick Perry gave a very "presidential" speech in New Hampshire on June 6.

Gov. Rick Perry Announces 2016 Presidential Run

Surrounded by American heroes, Gov. Rick Perry announced he is running for President in 2016.

Former NY Governor George Pataki Announces His Bid For Presidency

New York Governor George Pataki has become the eighth candidate to throw his hat in the ring officially announcing his candidacy for president.

Rick Santorum Enters Presidential Race

Rick Santorum announced his second presidential bid in his hometown in Butler, Pennsylvania, on Wednesday, pledging to fight for the American working class.

Highlights From Southern Republican Leadership Conference 2015 #SRLC2015

Scott Walker at #SRLC2015: “Common sense Conservative Reforms is needed to move America forward.”

Thousands Gather For Fallen NYPD Hero Brian Moore

NEW YORK:  It was a heartbreaking day on Friday as a sea of blue along with hundreds of people attended gathered outside of the St. James Roman Catholic Church in Seaford, Long Island to pay...
Posted On May 8, 2015

Media Silent As Another NYPD Officer is Assassinated

On May 2 another NYPD police officer was shot in the face, the fifth officer struck by gunfire in the line of duty and the third to be killed in the past five months. The officer, Brian Moore,...
Posted On May 7, 2015

Baltimore 2 NYC

A night of looting, rioting and violence in Baltimore left 20 police officers injured, 19 buildings burned to the ground, including a brand new million dollar senior center and a CVS that...

Carly Fiorina Makes Digs At Hillary Clinton, FITN Summit

Carly Fiorina entered and exited the stage to Alicia Keys song, “This Girl is On Fire” at the First in the Nation (FITN) Republican Summit in Nashua, New Hampshire.   From there,...

Cruz Ends FITN With BANG: “Destroy ISIS and NO Vote for Lynch”

Ted Cruz, the final speaker at the Republican Leadership Summit, ended the event with his fiery energy and comments with ISIS and Loretta Lynch. “The Obama administration is so bad,”...

Jeb Bush At FITN: “I don’t see any coronations coming my way”

Jeb Bush’s biggest challenge will be his name as critics address “the dynasty thing” as he tries to convince New Hampshire voters he is separate from his brother and father. Trying to make...

Rick Perry: “Republicans must nominate one with deep Executive Experience.”

Every big name Republican presidential hopeful is in New Hampshire this weekend for the state’s First in the Nation forum. Former Texas Governor Rick Perry took the podium on Thursday afternoon...

Marco Rubio launches Presidential Bid: “Hillary Clinton is a leader from Yesterday”

“After months of deliberation and prayer about the future of our country, I have come here tonight to make an announcement on how I believe I can best serve her.”  Senator Marco Rubio...

Religious Freedom: Do We Really Want Government Dictating Right/Wrong?

Not so long ago the phrase “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” went viral. Ferguson, Missouri became front-page news when an incident of a white police officer and a young black man led to an encounter that...

Rand Paul Announces 2016 Run Promising To “Take our Country Back”

“Today I announce with God’s help, with the help of liberty lovers everywhere, that I’m putting myself forward as a candidate for president of the United States of...