Author: Mona Salama

After Rubio Discusses Economic Plans for NY, Audience Q&A Turns Ugly

After discussing how to improve the NY economy, an unidentified man asked Marco Rubio personal questions alleging money impropriety and infidelity.

Joe Biden Gives Anti-2nd Speech About Oregon Massacre in NYC

Sounding like a presidential candidate, Joe Biden gave an anti-2nd speech in NYC after the Oregon shooting.

Donald Trump Unveils a Detailed Tax Plan

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump unveiled his detailed tax reform proposal plan that will "make America strong and great again."

Rick Perry Returns to Tell Conservatives Not to Vote For Trump at Values Voter

Rick Perry came out of hiding to speak at Values Voter Summit Friday and had very strong words about Donald Trump.

Ted Cruz at Value Voters Summit: “When Conservatives Unite, We Win”

Presidential hopeful Senator Ted Cruz electrified the conservative audience at the Value Voters Summit in Washington, D.C.

Rubio Unveils Paid Family Leave Plan at Value Voters Summit

Marco Rubio opened the Value Voters Summit in D.C. with his new plan to help working families with a family leave reform without government mandates.

Trump Cancels on Heritage Forum, 10 GOP Hopefuls Make Their Pitch

Questions arose as to why Donald Trump chose not to attend the Heritage Forum event in South Carolina.

Scott Walker Becomes Second Candidate to Call It Quits for 2016

On Monday, Gov. Scott Walker became the second GOP candidate to drop out of the presidential race.

CNN Debate (aka WWE Event): 44% About Trump, 0% About VA, Obamacare…

CNN hoped the second Republican primary debate would be like a 3-hour WWE wrestling match and it showed in their commercials leading up to the Wednesday night show. The motive was obvious...

Low Polling GOP Candidates Duke it Out in Smaller CNN Debate

Many news outlets called Lindsey Graham the "winner" in the pre-debate GOP debate on CNN.

Rick Perry Ends Presidential Bid With ‘No Regrets’

Days before the 2nd Presidential debate, former Tx. Gov. Rick Perry became the first Republican to end his bid for the White House.

PolitiChicks Exclusive with Michelle Bachmann: Iran Deal “Is Setting Up WWIII”

In this exclusive interview with PolitiChicks, former Rep. Michele Bachmann says the Iran Deal is setting up WWIII "faster than anyone can imagine."

Cruz and Trump Headline DC Rally Against Iran Deal

Cruz and Trump were the clear favorites at the #StopIranDeal rally in DC on Thursday.

Donald Trump Signs GOP Pledges – Rules out Running Third Party

At a Thursday press conference, Donald Trump signs GOP pledge not to run as a 3rd Party candidate.

Interview With Millennial Author & Former WH Intern, Demetrius Minor

29-year old Demetrius Minor, author of “Preservation and Purpose: The Making Of A Young Millennial and A Manifesto for Faith, Family and Politics.”

Rubio and Walker: Competing Foreign Policy Speeches Bashes China and ISIS

Marco Rubio and Scott Walker both gave strong speeches on foreign policy in South Carolina on Friday.

Fiorina Might Not Make Main Stage for 2nd Debate Thanks to CNN

Because of polling manipulation, CNN may not allow Fiorina on the main stage for the 2nd GOP primary debate.

Ted Cruz Has Strong Words About His “First Day As President”

Ted Cruz talked about his 'busy first day as president' at the AFP Summit in Ohio, overturning every 'illegal & unconstitutional act' Obama has done.