Author: Michael Russell

A Perspective on the Kim Davis Case, from One Who Has Been There…

As someone who held a similar job position as Kim Davis, writer Donald Joyner offers his opinion on what should and shouldn't have happened.

The (Many) Short-Comings of Public Education

According to recent data, public education in America is sub-par at best. But can we change this?

Bernie Sanders is WRONG: Minimum Wage = Minimum Cents

Accounting professor Donald Joyner breaks down the wage increase proposed by Bernie Sanders. Spoiler alert: Socialism NEVER works...

Clinton’s Capital Gains Tax Proposal: Why Worry About Capitalism Today, When You Can Worry About It In A Few Years?

Hillary Clinton’s proposed capital gains tax would eliminate the beneficial capital means taxes will be available to investors aims to control capitalism.

Christian Institutions Will Now Face a Multitude of Battles

Christian institutions will soon experience many uphill financial battles after the June ruling on gay marriage.