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Author: Michael Russell

Party Like It’s 1948 (When the Presidential Polls Were Very Wrong)

In 1948 polls said Truman wasn't supposed to win the presidential election. The only polling numbers that count are actual votes. Until then, nothing is assured.

In an Insane World Does a Bully Become an Antihero?

As our country has descended into madness, a curious question popped into my head: Has political correctness made the bully the antihero? It’s the kind of question that makes you wonder if you...

Maneuvering Through This Land of the Blind

Maybe it’s because I was raised in a conservative family with conservative values, but all the major news outlets have always seemed to favor the Democrat Party. Right or wrong, that has...

Mainstream Media: America’s Pravda Continues

A profession is only as good as its commitment to integrity and code of ethics. I didn’t major in journalism. If I had, I would like to think that at some point in the process at least one...

The New America: “Capitalists Are Evil”

The 2016 Presidential election has generated an unprecedented number of observations. As a conservative, I have heard some of the most asinine comments I have ever heard. I won’t delve into...

We Need a Leader, Not an Appeaser

Whatever happened to American pride? Whatever happened to civility, respect, decency and common sense…the cornerstones of a healthy society? Whatever happened to the notion of rallying...

The Internet, Amusement Parks, and Everything In-Between: The Erosion of Free Speech

It suddenly hit me as I was driving to work one day this week. As an American, do I really have the right to free speech? Am I really free to express my opinion? Assuming I don’t say...

How Religion is in the Crosshairs

Despite the problems within the Democrat and Republican parties, it is religion that stands to lose the most in America today.

Let History Be the Judge

History can't be changed. The GOP needs to ask if support of Trump in the present is worth irreparably damaging its prospects for the future?

The Art of the Steal: How Trump Won Over the GOP

How did Donald Trump win over key members of the GOP?

Obama’s Real Legacy: Donald Trump

What is it about 2016 that makes a Trump White House a very real possibility? We have one man to thank for it: President Obama.

Justice Antonin Scalia: Angels and Supporters of the Constitution Defend Us!

A tribute to the Honorable Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, 'gatekeeper' of our Constitution.

Is Trump’s Campaign Brilliant or Insane?

In one context, Trump's campaign is brilliant. In another, utter insanity that has defied all knowns political precedents.

Why is the GOP So Afraid of Ted Cruz?

Professor Donald Joyner asks: Why is the GOP so afraid of Ted Cruz?

Obama’s Motto: ‘A Falsis Principiis Proficisci’

'A falsis principiis proficisci' is Latin, meaning "to set forth false principles." If the US ever puts Obama's face on currency, that should be the motto.

American Exceptionalism at the Eleventh Hour

The 2016 Presidential Election IS the 11th hour for American Exeptionalism.

Oregon Shooting: Don’t Let Hate Win

Eliminating guns will not eliminate murder. Removing offensive symbols won't eliminate hate.

A Perspective on the Kim Davis Case, from One Who Has Been There…

As someone who held a similar job position as Kim Davis, writer Donald Joyner offers his opinion on what should and shouldn't have happened.