Author: Michael Ingmire

Hillary Cackles On

  Will she ever leave us? Will Hillary Clinton ever cease her incessant cackling and stop leading from the ego? Not likely and infinitely puzzling. When most criminals narrowly escape...

Gregg Allman: No More Cross to Bear

On May 27, 2017, singer, musician,and composer Gregg Allman passed away peacefully at his home in Savannah, Georgia. He had been ill for quite some time. In 1999 he was diagnosed with Hepatitis C...

Memorial Day: Respect For All Warriors

Memorial Day is a day borne out of the aftermath of the Civil War designated to honor our fallen dead. It was officially proclaimed on May 5, 1868 by General John Logan, National Commander of the...

Michael Ingmire: Why Jimi Still Matters

“Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens”-Jimi Hendrix August 21, 1968, I was 11 years old. I was supposed to be spending the night with a friend of mine who shall remain nameless here. Instead we...

Aftermath of Presidential Election: Reason is Missing in Action

The aftermath of the 2016 Presidential election has become an unpleasant exercise in anarchy and unsubstantiated fear. A point where reason is missing in action.

Crimes Real and Imagined: A Comparison of the Two Presidential Candidates

October 9, 2016, would have been John Lennon’s 76th birthday. This statement, by Lennon, reflects today as well as yesterday. “Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think...

   Michael Ingmire: Surviving Suicide – A Personal Journey

Michael Ingmire knows firsthand the destruction of suicide. Michael says EVERY DAY should be Suicide Prevention Month, not only September.

Goats on the Left, Sheep on the Right: A Revealing Week

September 2016, is turning out to be a cruel and brutal month. The past week, from September 11th to the 18th, has been a broad revelation to me. This week featured a series of campaigns,...

Michael Ingmire’s Year of Focus: The Benghazi Attack and the 2016 Election

“I got dreams, dreams to remember”-Otis Redding Yes, I have dreams, talents, and aspirations that I work hard on everyday to fulfill. However, at this juncture, I hope that I am remembered for my...

Benghazi: A Tale of Two Reports

Michael Inmire, uncle of Benghazi victim Sean Smith, has thoroughly studied and researched all aspects of the Benghazi reports. These are his findings, with more unanswered questions.

RNC Speaker Pat Smith: Gold Star Mother of Benghazi Victim, Sean Smith

Since September 2013, I have had the privilege of knowing Pat Smith. Perhaps knowing is too broad of a term to state. After all, because we live on opposite coasts, that contact has been limited...

Prince: The Legacy Wins Over the End

As I write this it is June 7, 2016 and today would have been Prince’s 58th birthday. When Prince died on April 21st I approached my editor, Ann-Marie Murrell, about writing an appreciation of...

Criminal Hypocrites: The Active Hypocrisy of President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s Gun Control Stance

Obama and Hillary gave weapons as well as aid and comfort to the enemy. Their lofty words about gun control are merely the hypocrisy of actual gun runners.

Chris O’Leary: Honorable Vet, Dedicated Bluesman

Michael Ingmire's tribute to Veteran and Blues singer/musician Chris O'Leary.

Michael Ingmire: An Open Letter to Rolling Stone Publisher, Jann S. Wenner

Michael Ingmire, uncle of Benghazi victim Sean Smith, shares his open letter to the publisher of Rolling Stone.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Horns Revealed

Michael Ingmire definitively calls out the lies of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Hillary Clinton’s Politicization of Benghazi

Benghazi victim Sean Smith's uncle explains the ways Hillary Clinton continues to politicize a tragedy she was largely to blame for.

  Uncle of Benghazi Victim Says, “I Lost Respect for Romney in 2012 Debate”

Michael Ingmire explains why he believes Mitt Romney is an ineffective leader and needs to stay out of the 2016 election.