Author: Maureen Mullins

Hillary Clinton: The Pictures Say A Thousand (Necessary) Words

Over the centuries, the office of President of the United States of America has become one of worldwide importance. Our President is not only the head of our federal government, but is a position...

AlfonZo Rachel: Do We Get the Government We Deserve?

“Come on, y’all, let’s dig in and start being better instead if bitter.” I needed this admonition from Zo. I have felt lost, discouraged, disgusted with my fellow citizens at what they have...

AlfonZo Rachel: Prophets of Rage?

In this brilliant piece, AlfonZo Rachel encapsulates the rot that has been destroying our Republic for decades now: influence through entertainment. Our public servants have been turned into...

A Note to Pro-Abortion Liberal Hypocrites by AlfonZo Rachel

Alfonso Rachel's plain speaking on the topic of abortion and liberal hypocrisy regarding it allows no argument.

AlfonZo Rachel: Like a Rainbow in the Dark

The left has well established itself as the most egregious of appropriators; they make use of all manner of property, both matter and intellectual, promoting it as theirs, belonging to them. The...

AlfonZo Rachel: ‘Yo! Where’d the Ark of the Covenant Go?’

As a Roman Catholic, I have never been able to explain to those Christians of other denominations why we revere and honor (not worship) the Blessed Virgin Mary as we do, to the point of...

Ben Carson vs. Jefferson Smith

Maureen Mullins compares Dr. Ben Carson to Jefferson Smith from "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington".

The Sabotage of Dr. Ben Carson

The hits just keep coming--and this time they're aimed squarely at Dr. Ben Carson.

The Formidable Strength Of Dr. Ben Carson

It is faith and confidence in God that moved Dr. Carson to place his name into contention for the Republican nomination for President of the United States.

Hillary’s Magic Act: Will She Finally Make Her E-mails Disappear Forever?

Hillary is trying to make Americans believe that her e-mails mean nothing, using every trick imaginable to make you disbelieve what your eyes just saw.

Hillary Clinton: “I’m Sorry (I got caught!)”

Hillary Clinton has perfect her husband's style of back-handed, non-apologetic apologies.

Hillary Clinton Makes History (But Not the Way She Expected…)

When will the Department of Justice hold Hillary Clinton, a U.S. citizen, accountable for violations of the law as it would every other citizen?

Hillary Clinton and Her Cohorts: Lying Liars and the Lies Told About Lies

We think Hillary Clinton may have invented the phrase, "Lying liars lie." Or perhaps she learned it from her husband...

Long-Subpoenaed E-Mails Could Answer Questions Regarding Benghazi

Some outstanding questions remain, and one hopes they will finally be asked of Hillary Clinton & others when the Benghazi public hearings commence.

George Stephanopolous: His Actions Worse Than Conflict Of Interest 

George Stephanopolous has been relieved of debate moderator duties for now, but that is not enough penalty for having committed the wrong he has done.

Clinton “Déjà vu” Scandals

During the Democrat presidential primary debates of 1992, then California Attorney General  Jerry Brown accused then-Arkansas governor Bill Clinton of being involved in a shady real estate...

Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Quid Pro Quo, Simplified

One of the reasons the many scandals involving Bill and Hillary Clinton never result in real consequence is the complicated nature involved.  On surface, they have so many twists in plot and...

The Chickification of the Presidency

Rush Limbaugh is a brilliant wordsmith. He coined “chickification” for the on-going feminization of the NFL, how the PC attempt to feminize the sport has all but ruined the game. The noun works...