Author: Marci Wexler Summers

A Case for Reading the Qur’an

After the terror attacks in Paris in November of last year, the world was shocked by the threat of ISIS. While ISIS had been wreaking havoc in the Middle East, the attacks in Paris showed how...

What A Conservative Is (and Is NOT)

As I was browsing the internet the other day, I stumbled across a video clip from the show “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” entitled The Religious Right. It piqued my interest because I had seen...

How Social Media Plays a Role in our Response to the World Around Us

Social media plays an important part in activism, but it was never meant to be the end-all-be-all.

Growing Into Adulthood and High Taxes

Becoming an adult is an amazing experience. It is amazing to realize that you have the freedom to own a home, purchase a car, and even choose all of your favorite items at the grocery store. I’ve...

Trump: The Uncensored Candidate

Marci Wexler Summers questions the tone and timing of Donald Trump.

Women, The Second Amendment, and Why I Choose to Conceal Carry

New contributor Marci Wexler Summers explains why she, as a long-distance runner, chooses to conceal carry.