Author: Macey France

Macey France: Education Sec. Betsy DeVos, Vouchers, and Common Core

Many people are wondering since Donald J. Trump won the presidency and appointed DeVos to lead the department of education: Is this good or bad? What are the intentions for direction going...

Here’s What I Did on International Women’s Day (And No, I Didn’t Wear an Ugly Pink Hat)

Macey France explains what she did on "International Women's Day".

Thoughts On a Historic Election (the Good and the Bad)

Neither of the two people who vied for president will save us. Only One Being can save us. Keep your eyes on Him and pray.

MUST READ Book: “Rotten to the (Common) Core”

Get out your highlighters and Post-It flags, I’ve got a must-read to share with everyone interested in learning the history of Common Core. In Rotten to the (Common) Core, by Joseph P. Farrell...

Choosing to Identify Sexuality Before Anything Else: “Hi, I’m Macey and I’m Heterosexual…”

In today's world, why are people choosing to identify their sexuality before anything else? Macey France opines.

Project Veritas Uncovers Corruption in Oregon School System

James O'Keefe and Project Veritas have done it again, this time uncovering corruption in the Oregon educational system.

Bernie Sanders, Democratic Socialism, and the Communist Connection

I’m currently reading “The Enemies Within” by Trevor Loudon. If you don’t have it it’s a great book to buy, especially if you’re open-minded to learning the truth about how...

Portland Public Schools Ban Books That Deny Climate Change

If a parent wants a book banned, they are anti-1st Amendment. But if a school board bans a book, crickets...

Google Doodle Goes Full-On Marxist

My default search engine is Google and I use it quite often. I am aware of the Google higher ups and their political leanings and I disagree with them but I’m not usually a boycott person....

Student Causes Outrage Over “Build A Wall” Sign

A student at Forest Grove High School, a public school in the Portland, Oregon area, is now apologizing for a sign they hung stating “Build a Wall.” Sadly, in an ironic turn, the student says...

Thoughts From a Reluctant (and Very Tired) Political Activist

Hello friends and PolitiChicks readers! Let me start off by saying I had an extremely rough year last year. I won’t go into detail but there are times when the world gets into your psyche and no...

Christianity, Common Sense, and the “Bathroom Bill”

Sometimes I feel like the only one left in the world with any common sense. I honestly don’t know what happened to some folks…did they ever have common sense? Did they lose it? Where did they...

Macey France: Praying For Guidance This Christmas

Our Common Core Warrior Macey France offers a prayer for guidance this Christmas.

Parents Be Aware of This New Education Reform Word: Metacognitive

'Non-cognitive' has been changed to 'metacognitive' & Macey France explains how info about your child is being tracked via metacognitive details.

Mandatory Preschool Getting Closer With “Every Student Succeeds Act”

The Every Student Succeeds Act brings us one step closer to mandatory preschool.

“Walk a Mile in Her Hijab” Day

An Illinois high school created an event called Walk a Mile in Her Hijab. Next will be a Catholic event called 'Walk a Mile in Her Habit'. Just kidding...

Nominee for “Dumbest Assignment of the Year” Pt. 2: Islamic Fight Song Taught in OC School

A CA teacher must have been competing for “Dumbest Assignment of the Decade” award with her recent Islamic Fight Song assignment. We hope she wins.

Nominee for “Dumbest Assignment of the Year” Pt. 1: ISIS Propaganda Posters

Another nominee for “Dumbest Assignment of the Year” goes to a Utah teacher for having a high school class create recruitment posters for ISIS.