Author: Lorelei Branam Bennett


Congressional Money Trees

If ever anyone needed to do house cleaning it is the United States Congress.  This body of government is so farfetched from reality, their intent would be unrecognizable to our Founding Fathers. ...

Speaking of Bullying…

This past spring when Melania Trump announced that she was initiating a nationwide anti-bullying campaign to serve as a motivational program for America’s youth called Be Best! I could not think...

Former “Indian” Elizabeth Warren and the Congressional Financial Protection Bureau

What does former “Indian” Senator Elizabeth Warren have to do with the CFPB (Congressional Financial Protection Bureau)? Possibly federally sanctioned money laundering within the CFPB. Yes, money...

#MAGA: The Push Back Team

For anyone who is confused, in denial, or still pouting over the winner of our 2016 Presidential election, rest assured the Trump/Pence ticket knows exactly what they are doing. Despite the...

100 Days Later the Russians Are Gone, Hillary Still Lost, So Now Who’s to Blame for Pres. Trump’s Success?

For months after the presidential election we continuously heard, “The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!”  Yeah, yeah, sure. I grew up putting my head under my school desk...

Mainstream Media: The Real Deplorables

Turn on cable news, any station, anytime day or night and the one thing you will not see or hear is a journalist reporting the news.

Parents Beware: The “College Flu” Is Coming to Get Your Kids

I adore fall but with the cool crisp air, crunchy leaves, and football chatter comes the school flu. And I am not referring to the little kiddie’s school flu complete with pink medicine and...

Democrats: The Party of Unconscionable Behavior

When disgruntled Democrats took the rotunda hostage this summer with their rebellious House sit-in, I fully understood their frustration.  However, their charlatan tone was unacceptable and too...

Presidential Candidates and the IRS

Is the IRS once again being used as a political tool in the presidential primary?

Feminazis On the War Path

Rush Limbaugh warned about the left-led war on women and on cue, the Feminazis are out in full force defending their leftist presidential pick.

This War is Not About Religion, It Is About Hate.

Islamic jihadists cannot be reasoned with & are a constant danger to the world. This war is not about religion, it is about hate.

DHS College Incentive for People Living Illegally in America

This DHS college deal is another move from the President in his role of Robin Hood, inciting more people to flee their countries and live here illegally.

The Continuing Mystique of Donald Trump

Like him or not, Donald Trump is much smarter than the average bear and he refuses to play politics as usual.

Hillary Clinton’s Path of Death and Destruction DOES Make A Difference.

President Clinton and Hillary can order matching monogrammed bath towels. HIS can read ‘I Lie Under Oath ‘and HERS can read, ‘I Do Too’.

At Least Michelle Obama Isn’t Running for Office. Yet.

Is Michelle Obama so all-consumed with race that she can't see the amazingly privileged life she has been living?

Government Is A Dirty Word

Lorelei Branam Bennett says 'government' is a dirty word, and a new tax-paid study at Johns Hopkins helps prove her point.

Hey Michelle Obama–Your Racism Is Showing

In Michelle Obama's commencement speech, there was no message of hope, achievement or graciousness for a country where freedom makes it possible to succeed.


In 1976 I graduated high school, the same year that twenty-six year old Bruce Jenner became a homegrown hero by going from Big Man on Campus to winning the summer Olympic decathlon gold medal....