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Author: Lee Bagdasarian Rech

Illinois AG Candidate Erika Harold Envisions “Shattering a Deep-Seated Culture of Corruption”

“If Elected in 2018, Illinois AG Candidate Erika Harold Envisions Shattering a Deep-seated Culture of Corruption and Partisan Politics.” Republican candidate for Illinois Attorney...

Clinton Advisor Misleads Americans on Clinton Foundation

At the end of the day, it’s not about whether Clinton Foundation has donated to good causes. It’s about the billions collected in the name of charitable causes for favors promised by HRC — which...

January Proclaimed ‘National Slavery & Trafficking Prevention Month’

As the presidential debates stir up emotions, there is another pressing issue that deserves our undivided attention and resolve: human and sex trafficking.

Human Trafficking: An American Horror Story

The underlying story of human trafficking in this country and worldwide is that it is omnipresent and it is pure evil.

The “[Fill in the Blank] Lives Matter” Divide

With all of the Lives Matter movements, the U.S. seems to be moving farther away from unification and toward searing divisiveness.

To Lift the American Psyche, We Need A Fighter and a Statesman

The recent primary debates has officially set the divide for two GOP camps: the fighter vs the statesman.

Planned Parenthood & Why I Choose Life

We as individuals and as a nation can no longer claim ignorance. The Planned Parenthood videos are readily available, real, and damning…for all of us.

The Trump Card: Honest, Open and Unapologetic

Like him, hate him, believe him or not, it really doesn’t matter. Donald Trump has amazingly skyrocketed to the number two position in the polls.

Waking to the Reality—Human and Child Sex Trafficking in the U.S.

Sex trafficking is cited as the second fastest-growing criminal industry in the world, generating over $32 billion annually.

GOP Presidential Hopeful Carly Fiorina Gets a Taste of the Beehive State

Carly Fiorina headlines GOP event in Salt Lake City after being tasked to lead an early morning hike with Romney E2 Summit VIPs.