Author: Laura Rambeau Lee


Kaepernick: THIS Is Why Americans Celebrated Independence Day Without You

The Declaration of Independence was written to address the grievances of the Colonies against the King of England.  Hopefully we have all read the “official” document in our American history...

What should President Trump Do About DACA?

With the stroke of his pen President Obama signed an executive order in June of 2012 creating the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA).  DACA allows illegal immigrants who came to the...

Obamacare #FullRepeal

Since Obamacare was forced on the American people we conservatives worked hard to elect Republican candidates who promised us nothing less than full repeal of Obamacare.  After seven years we...

Tuesday’s Election Is About the Future of America

Donald Trump promises to restore the rule of law to America and to consider We the People first when making decisions that affect our jobs and our lives.

A Question for the Muslim Olympian Who “Doesn’t Feel Safe” in America

Ibtihaj Muhammad, a Muslim- American saber fencer representing the United States at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games said she doesn’t feel safe in America due to increased anti-Muslim rhetoric. ...

Hillary Clinton Says ALL Our Rights Are Subject to Regulation

Many have commented on Hillary Clinton’s appearance on the Fox Sunday News show with Chris Wallace in which she blatantly denied that FBI Director James Comey determined she had lied about...

American Blacks Being Manipulated By The Radical Left

We must understand the nationwide attack on police in this country is being orchestrated by the radical left in an effort to create chaos, destruction, division, and death. This past week we saw...

Obama’s “Refugee” Resettlement Program: Civilization Jihad Combined With Civilization Suicide

In this instance the term 'Refugee Resettlement Program' actually means civilization jihad combined with civilization suicide....

What Do You See As The Most Important Fronts In The Culture War?

The culture war is being fought primarily in our schools, beginning in pre-K and all the way through to our universities.

Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Socialists

Kids are mesmerized by socialists like Bernie Sanders waving around all that "free stuff" so Moms, it's time to teach them what "free" really means.

National Review Under Fire for Criticizing Trump

If a Pres. Trump builds a wall and National Review goes on vacation to Italy, will he allow National Review back into the US?

Losing Our Religion

What will become of America if we lose our religion to the current onslaught of political correctness?

American Taxpayers Sold Down the River By Republican Dominated House

They aren't listening. How much more does the establishment Republican Party think Republicans will take?

Islamic Terrorism in America? Keep Calm and Carry.

Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones from terrorism, including Islamic. Take firearms classes, get a CCL & refuse to be a victim.

Climate Change Conference Begins in Paris

Despite all the jihadist attacks this year, Paris will host the Climate Change Conference this week.

A House Divided

Americans delivered the Senate & House to the GOP so they would restore the balance of power, repeal Obamacare, etc. It hasn't happened yet.

Are We As a Nation Prepared for Women in Combat?

Has the full impact of women in combat been considered not only by the military, but by the media and the collective conscience of the country?