Author: Kimberly Klacik

Do All Lives Matter? Freddie Gray vs. Kate Steinle

July 1, 2016 marked the one year anniversary of Kate Steinle’s death. Kate was a San Francisco resident, employed by Medtronic, with a communications degree from California Polytechnic...

Wendy’s Will Avoid Minimum Wage Increase With Self-Automated Kiosks

In order to survive $15 per hour wage increases, Wendy's is installing self-automated kiosks in CA & NY. Congrats, Statists...

State’s Atty. Marilyn Mosby Absent While Officer Nero Found Not Guilty in Freddie Gray Trial

State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby was there throughout the Freddie Gray trial, but conspicuously absent during the ruling.

Bernie Sanders Continues to Push the Thirteenth Grade 

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders believes Free College For All is his ticket to becoming the democratic nominee. Sure, convincing those currently enrolled in college fitting the bill...

Manufacturing Racism? New Year, New Mizzou

Since the unnecessary unrest at University of Missouri last fall, many prominent donors decided to forego financial support, totaling over $2 million dollars. If you recall, there were many...

Terror Attack in Brussels: Due to Political Correctness & Lack of Leadership?

Was Tuesday's terror attack in Brussels due in part to political correctness?

Black Lives Matter Has A Hole the Size of Africa In Their Mantra

Kimberly Klacik explains why Black Lives Matter lacks both consistency and rationality.

Liquor Store Clerk Brought A Gun To A Gun Fight

Here's a success story that demolishes the gun control narrative.

Laquan McDonald’s Murder Concealed Just Ahead Of Chicago Mayoral Election

McDonald's blood would have stained "Mr. One Percent's" aka Emanuel's Chicago campaign just enough to knock him out of office.

Attorney General Lynch’s Script Corroborated Criminal Intent… Whitewash

In the recent House Judiciary Committee's hearing on the oversight of the DOJ, Attorney General Loretta Lynch was well rehearsed and stuck to the script.

NBC’s Meet the Press Chooses Congressman Schiff (D) Over Congressman Gowdy (R)

NBC's Meet the Press decided to publicly choose sides in regards to the Benghazi tragedy.

20 Years Later: Blacks Are Still Being Herded Like Cattle

Kimberly Klacik says the recent rally for the 20-year anniversary of the Million Man March is using Blacks like "domestic animals".

Black Lives Matter: The Blind Leading The Blind

Black Lives Matter has created a cult-like mindset amongst it's followers that the enemy is anyone who disagrees that police officers are targeting blacks.

Are 2 Old White Guys Re-Directing the Democrat Party Via the Economy & Racism?  

Two white guys are using the economy and feeding the fires of racism to play the Democrat Party like a violin. Will voters fall for their tricks?

ICE Cold: Rep. Gowdy’s Questions Freeze Immigration Agents

Rep. Trey Gowdy was met with silence at the Sanctuary Cities Hearing when he asked ICE a very simple, legitimate question.

Baltimore City’s Mayor Rawlings-Blake Continues To Disappoint

Family and friends are hoping Baltimore Mayor Rawlings-Blake will step up forces to solve the murder of McKenzie Elliot Way.

Failed Democrat Policies Affecting Many Communities

Problems in communities will never get better as long as Democrat politicians continue keeping their constituents down & out.

The Prevailing Impediment When Investigating People Of Color

Rep. Trey Gowdy says the biggest impediment when investigating homicides involving people of color is the lack of cooperation from witnesses.