Author: Kathryn Porter

New Colorado GOP Chairman Linked to Scandalous Email  

A shocking email attacking a long time grassroots activist known as a thorn in the side to the Colorado Republican establishment has been connected to Jeff Hays of El Paso County, the newly...

Texas GOP Legislator Prompts Arrest of Pro-Life Activist for Legally Recording Committee Meeting

Grassroots activist Amy Hedtke—an alternate delegate to the RNC’s presidential nominating convention—was arrested after refusing to stop recording a public meeting at the Texas Capitol—even...

Gov. Gary Herbert’s SHOCKING Endorsement in Utah’s BOE Race

Why would Republican Gov. Herbert endorse pro-Common Core candidates? Did he lie in the primary? Where does he really stand on Utah education policy?

Pro-Abortion Agenda Infiltrates Biology Class: “Is Baby With Down’s Syndrome Worth Keeping?”

What does the decision on whether to abort a baby that genetic testing shows positive for Down’s Syndrome have to do with high school biology standards? That’s what one Utah student taking an...

The Must-See Channing Tatum Interview: Host with Autism Hits Grand Slam in Episode 1 of “Speechless”

Carly Fleischmann, a 21-year old woman with Autism, is living her dream of becoming the first talk show host who is autistic and non-verbal. She gave a no-holds barred interview with actor Tatum...

Colorado GOP Chair Dumps Talk Radio Host; Denies Favoritism

Colorado GOP Chairman Steve House is boycotting one of Denver’s premier talk radio shows after being asked to comment about Donald Trump.

New Colorado Delegate Comes Forward: “Not Allowed to Vote”

A new Colorado delegate has come forward alleging she was "denied a ballot".

Trump Campaign Mulls Contesting Colorado Delegates; Convention Plagued With Irregularities

Alan Cobb, a senior advisor to the Trump campaign told Politichicks that they are not ruling out contesting Colorado delegates.

Utah Gubernatorial Race Heats Up with Allegations of Fraud

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert may find his popularity on the decline as grassroots activists are beginning to support challenger Jonathan Johnson.

Pro-Gun Libertarian Candidate Makes Waves in CO U.S. Senate Race

Pro-gun Lily Tang Williams resigned her position as state chair of the Libertarian Party of Colorado to run for the U.S. Senate.

Undercover Video: “Common Core Is All About the Money”

PolitiChicks has been saying this for years but now one of their own was caught by Project Veritas saying it, too: "Common Core is all about the money!"

Hillary Clinton Gets “Trumped”

What do Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush have in common? Both have domain names that were “trumped” by the leading Republican candidate, Donald Trump.

Ted Cruz Launches Festive Ad on Political Inspired Christmas Classics

Watch for this commercial by Ted Cruz to air TONIGHT during Saturday Night Live!

Happy Chanukah from PolitiChicks: Adam Sandler’s Chanukah Song Part 4

What could be a better way to begin Chanukah than Part 4 of Adam Sandler's Chanukah Song?

Kasich Launches Twitter War Against Trump

Presidential candidate Donald Trump visited Ohio on Monday, but not without Governor John Kasich attacking him on .

U.S. Sends Nearly $1.3 Billion to U.N. Programs for Syrian Crisis

As the U.S. continues to give to Syria via the United Nations, it also owes over $18 trillion dollars in debt with no sign of that debt decreasing.

Trump Asks: Is Our President Insane?

As the conversation continues whether the United States should continue to accept Syrian refugees, Donald Trump released a video questioning Obama's sanity.

BREAKING: Victim of Paris Terrorist Attacks From Cal State, 23-Year Old Nohemi Gonzalez

The first U.S. victim of the Paris terrorist attacks has been identified as a junior from California State University, Long Beach.