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Author: Katherine Daigle

Why the Word ‘Illegal’ is Becoming Illegal

How can order be sustained in a country where some laws are fully enforced and others are completely broken? You make the word 'illegal' illegal.

Why We Need a Strong, ASSERTIVE Leader to Save the U.S.

It is essential that the United States elect a strong, assertive leader, of the sort that Obama has failed to be

Data Collection and The Information Age

In this new Information Age, information is a valued commodity unto itself.

The Great Fuel Fix (and How Gov’t Regulations Are Strangling the Oil Industry)

The oil industry is stumped by aggressive government measures. It doesn't understand why the government is doing this, especially since we can't afford it.

Is America Still A Global Superpower?

Throughout the 20th century, the United States was hailed as a global superpower. But after these Obama years, does it remain so?

California’s Water Bond May Simply Be a Drop in the Bucket.

Will California's latest water bond help the state or is it as useless as the ta Smelt?

Women and Our 2nd Amendment

NRA's new 2nd Amendment campaign geared toward women is a brilliant step in the right direction, and is to be encouraged.

Economic Growth Instead of Economic Disaster

All government must do is encourage economic growth, rather than hamper and obstruct it.

EU Refugees: A Familiar Immigration Crisis

As the US struggles with its own immigration crisis, Europe is facing a similar issue with possibly the biggest Muslim infiltration to the west.

Government’s Clear & Present Danger: Vaccines or Illegals With Diseases?

Allowing immigrants to cross into the U.S. illegally is a contradiction of the logic that would lead government officials to pass a bill requiring vaccines.

The (Continuing) Islamic Revolution of 1979

Since the Islamic Revolution of 1979, Iran has been a wary, untrustworthy, hostile regime toward the U.S., Israel, and the free world in general.

Communism vs. Capitalism in China

China is defined lately as “Communism with Chinese characteristics”. What this means, essentially, is Capitalism

California’s Prop 13 Under Attack

Passed in 1978, Prop 13 was a huge victory for fiscal conservatives in the state of California. So of course Democrats have been going after it ever since.

Should America Help Persecuted Christians Throughout the World?

Christians are being slaughtered worldwide for their beliefs. Should America open her arms to save the ones who are able to escape?

Open-Door Immigration Policy Is A Social Security Disaster

Social Security is just one reason that the open-door immigration policy favored by American leftists is an invitation to disaster.

Are Illegal Immigrants Running Your City?

It's possible if you live in California. Huntington Park, CA has appointed two illegal immigrants to serve as commissioners on municipal advisory boards.

How Can We Fight an Enemy That a President Refuses to Name?

The type of Islam being practiced by many is definitely an enemy of the U.S. How much more tragedy will America face before the president admits this?

Meaning of America’s Phrase “In God We Trust” and Why It Is Important Today

There are reasons why the phrase "In God We Trust" was used on our currency & throughout American history and it's maybe even more important today.