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Author: Katherine Daigle

Loving “Free Speech” (Unless It’s Someone You Hate…)

I’ve said before that I believe our Founding Fathers were wise enough to arrange the Bill of Rights in order of priority. The rights of people accused of a crime (fifth amendment) are important,...

North Korea’s Reckless, Dangerous Threat to Peace

In recent weeks, matters have escalated rapidly in regards to North Korea. The reclusive hermit state has taken to posturing in the aftermath of a US cruise missile strike against Syria,...

The “Red Line” Has Been Definitely Set

Fake News of War rumored in Washington D.C., and if the President’s administration is not careful they could find themselves combating several conflicts, simultaneously. After threatening North...

Human Sex Trafficking Of Orange County, CA

There is no question that Orange County, California, in which I am honored and privileged to live, has been blessed. It has prospered greatly, growing larger and wider than anyone originally...

Orwellian Violation of Americans’ Privacy Rights

The incessant attacks of the liberal media, the leftist political wing of government, and the “Never Trump” faction of our own Republican party (as well as the same group among the Democrats)...

California Politicians, Drugs Cartels, and Guerrilla Terrorists

It’s a name that just about everyone recognizes, and most people know the man behind it at least well enough to react with distaste and revulsion when they hear it: Pablo Escobar. He is one of...

Deep State War

I’m sure we can all agree that everyone in the United States should and does have the right to politically disagree with anyone, at any time. During an election campaign, candidates are free to...

Today’s Feminists: We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!

Even in the oppressive climate of today, we have real women who show us what feminism ought to mean.

Anarchy Across America

The border wall won’t solve the entire problem. No one thing will. But a lot of concerted actions, taken together, can.

Optimism for Pro-Life

We, as a people, are capable of shocking and vast degrees of evil. There’s nothing to be gained by denying it. It isn’t because of our policies on drug use, our exact stance on education, or...

Beware of the Ides of March on Washington

What is it that leftists are so afraid of?

Taking America Back

Our eyes will be on Donald Trump and the new Republican Congress as they work to make the promises of the campaign trail a reality.

California’s Illegal Immigration Protection

The flagrant defiance of “sanctuary cities” and the people that run them is well past having gone too far.

Emma and Isabella: The Unborn Babies “Right to Live”

We disagree a lot in politics, and that’s okay. For the most part, these are just issues. Maybe we have different opinions about whether public money should be spent constructing a...

Secretary of State is………… Rex Tillerson !

Now that the election is over and Donald Trump is our President-elect, focus has naturally shifted away from the outcome of the contest (hysterically theatrical recounts with no chance of...

Keep it “Made in America”

Don't want to pay tariffs (or rather, the inflated prices companies must charge to recoup them)? No problem: just buy American.

Flouting Immigration Law – Undermine Public Safety

People are able to – and do – violate this country's southern border with virtually absolute impunity, entering as they wish whatever their identity or intentions.

Politicians Sold their Souls for Power and Fame

November 8th  of 2016, history was made. Despite the predictions of polls, the news media, Democrats, and even some Republicans,  Donald Trump scored a momentous upset victory against Hillary...